Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blogs popping up

I'll will cross post most of this to NEPA Blogs.

It's election season and as Mark observed a few local political blogs have emerged destined to disappear after the voting in April just like the last couple of elections. I hope a few stick around as I think we need a more diverse local internet debate. The Lehigh Valley has had an explosion of political blogs over the last year as documented by Bernie and maybe something similar will happen up here in NEPA.

A few of the regular commenters on this site have decided they have something to say:

Ignorance is Bliss is written by Right Winger and Vince Sweeney is annoying him.

Eddy, The Angry Republican is, well, angry.

West Side Republican is hoping that the Luzerne County Republican Party gets it's shit together. And so do the rest of us.

Political Rants by Zen says "I am a man that should've started ranting long ago."

Other NEPA Scribes include:

LanceStange is another blog with a Republican point of view.

Big Dan's Big Blog links to many news stories and likes the Ramones but is not a fan of Mona Charen.

Then there is this:

Dan Meuser Is A Character- A self describe parody site. "Somewhat of a political commentary blog. My way to poke fun at local politicians using badly done photoshop."

Some comments on this site are accusing the Hackett campaign of being behind it. I heard from Chris Hackett and he denies any involvement and condemns it.

Expect more of this.

The NRCC has an attack site going after Carney:

The Real Chris Carney cherry picks his votes and puts the Republican spin on them.

On the positive side there is:

Students for Carney

We believe that Chris Carney has been:

A Representative who tells us the truth.

A Representative who shows ethical practices in public and private.

A Representative who displays family values.

A Representative who listens to our community and spends time with constituents like a neighbor.

A Representative who is best suited to deal with our nation’s security.

A Representative who fights for our community's most valuable resource--children and students.

I'm finishing writing up my interview with Paul Swiderski and hope to post it tomorrow. But to keep all my 10th CD race fans happy I have the audio of WKOK's in Sunbury interviews with Hackett and Meuser, just click on the links:

Chris Hackett interview December 20, 2007

Dan Meuser interview January 3, 2008


kar said...

The Dan Meuser is a character, I'd say that one's probably pretty legit...right Vince?

We report, you decide.

Oh, Vince, that woman who said she almost "wet her pants", she was probably laughing at the prospect of your running for congress.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how when Lisa Baker was running all these blogs were created to slam her and then they disappeared after the primary. Now the same thing is happening against meuser but the hackett/maderia camp is saying they have nothing to do with it. Dave and Chris we are not stupid- the only similar factor in these two races is Dave Maderia- dirty, scheming, cheating,lying person that he is. That is why I did not vote for you in the primary and I will vote for anybody but your guy hackett