Thursday, January 03, 2008

Program note

I will be meeting with Republican 10th CD candidate Paul Swiderski Friday at 2PM. If you have any questions you would like me to ask him please leave them in the comments or send me an email.


Anonymous said...

Ask him the real reason he defaulted on his business loans. He took loans even knowing his business was going under.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... another Meuser hack. Who would've known. Here: watch this site and jerk off to the a"meus"ing videos:

paul said...

It is amazing that all the anon people keep attacking meuser and then say that Meuser's campaign is running a dirty campaign. Give Swiderski a chance- at least he is getting involved instead of being a critic-

kar said...

This ought to be interesting.

Eddy, the Angry Republican said...

That's true. The same goes for Haire and Ely. Everyday people who want to represent us. Leonardi is part of this group too.

It's easy to criticize but it takes b*lls to run for office. People call these guys kooks for wanting to run because they have no political experience or money. They're putting a lot on the line for the people of this district and all you do is degrade them.

When it comes to the frontrunners in this race I'm just not feeling them. Hackett and Meuser remind me of what's wrong with the party but guys like Leonardi and the underdogs in the 10th remind me of what's right with America and that there are still people who believe that there's a place for common folk in public service.

None of us would dare say that Washington Jefferson Adams or any of the other founding fathers were kooks. But scumbags like Meuser's hacks go after the underdog candidates for believing in the principles that these great Americans established.

tese pitbulls attack without mercy but they can't answer the question: how does Meuser "represent" the people? they say that Meuser is the god of the handicapped and that he created thousands of jobs after buying an existing business. They still don't answer the question how does Meuser "represent" the people?

The underdog kooks at least answer the question. Baker and Leonardi did too. Oh and another thing Leonardi had financial troubles when he ran against Uncle Paul Kanjorski. That didn't stop him ands it shouldn't stop the underdogs in this race for making the sacrifice and having the guts to go against the big boys.