Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tim Grier has a website

Info re: Tim Grier v. Luzerne County

First of all, thank you for stopping by and thank you for your support. There have been so many inquiries with folks asking, "What is going on?" and "How can I help?" that I set up this site. has a video of Tim explaining what is going on that was filmed at the Luzerne County Courthouse. It has a funny clip of him buying a dog license.

You can view the video here: Blip


D.B. Echo said...

How come when Tim Grier was on TV the other day he gave his website as ""...or was it ""? Or maybe ""? Whichever, they all seem to have been deleted for some reason.

t.g. said...

Well, anonymous guy, I am happy to take the time to answer your question.

You incorrectly state that I "[gave my] website" as ""; WYOU did. Additionally, if you watch the footage again, they note that it was a "former website." (And yes, they got it wrong anyway, the second and third sites you list both belonged to me, the one they listed, the first that you mention, never existed. However, they also noted that they got all of the background info on me from their media partner, The Citizens' Voice, not from me.

The websites: was the first website I ever set up - nearly 18 months ago. It wasn't practical. It wasn't a blog format. It required a tremendous amount of editing, and the blog format was far more practical. Therefore, I moved to the wordpress site. That was great and I really loved putting my view of things out there like the rest of the blogging crowd, but then something terrible happened. Nobody stepped forward to run against the incumbent W-B mayor. When I found out he was getting a free shot at another term, I shifted from blogger to candidate. It was natural, as the purpose of the blog was to make a difference, not just to run my mouth (maybe I wasn't so successful at that, but I enjoyed good ratings and I got my point across to a few). This run for office was not planned, obviously, because the blog didn't mix with being a candidate, and the blog had been going well for a while and I was enjoying it. But sometimes we have to do things in life that we feel we have to do and not just that we want to do, so I shut the blog down and did what I felt I had to do. It wasn't easy. It certainly wasn't as easy as posting an uninformed comment on a blog at 10:10 am. When the race was over and summer rolled around, I had a number of things I was involved in, plus I had surgery that put me out of commission for a month. I was unable to make time to resume blogging. Then the fall semester rolled around, and I was hit with another wave of commitments (which included volunteer work that I had been involved in for sometime - a commitment to my community, if you will). Now I am in my final semester and preparing for grad school as well, so a blog is still out of the question. The new website is not intended to be a blog, as I have too many projects going on.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at:

No spam please, I already get plenty of that. I also do not appreciate anonymous hate mail (while not commercial in nature, I consider it to be in the same category as spam). Constructive criticisms are welcome.

"Wait, wasn't always constructive," you say.

I know. But I didn't violate the public trust, those in the crosshairs did, and sometimes ya gotta release. And, ya learn as you go.

Take care,

Tim Grier

D.B. Echo said...

Ummmm, I wasn't aware that I was coming up as Anonymous. Gort, is my user name showing up on your end? And I wonder if the link to Another Monkey is showing. Or does my name link to NEPA Blogs? Whatever.

"Uninformed comment"? Huh. Wow, you seem a little touchy there. Well, at least now I know that those websites are definitely dead, so I can get them off the NEPA Blogs sidebar.

t.g. said...

Not even going to go into "user name and anonymous" are the same thing discussion.

Touchy, you bet. Got all kinds of folks in government working their butts off to fleece us, and then along comes me, working my butt off to stop the madness, and paying out of my own pocket what I can, making no profit, and all you've got is some ambiguous and/or snide (and yes, uninformed) comment to make. My approach: think about what you want the world to be like, and work towards that. Your approach: I hope somebody else will take care of things, and should someone step up and make me look small, by proving that we can take care of things ourselves, instead of putting aside differences and asking how I can help, I'll take anonymous cheap shots at him, 'cuz thats the easier way to make myself feel bigger.

Again, you are welcome to shoot me an email any time, and perhaps we can make the discussion productive.


Tim Grier

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