Thursday, January 24, 2008

Challenger in the 118th?

From StopNEPACorruption:

Yesterday we received an email via our contact form denoting a rumored candidate in the PA 118 legislative race:

Apparently local Republican Art Bobbouine is circulating nominating petitions for the 118th district….More info to follow.

In 2006 Bobbouine lost the Republican nomination for the district to Maureen Tatu. On election night it appeared that he was the winner but a recount put Tatu on top. She went on to a blowout loss to incumbent Democrat Mike Carroll. I guess Art needs a job since the new Sheriff Mike Savokinas fired him from his job as chief deputy under Barry Stankus and he's been unsuccessful in passing the bar exam.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, getting Art in there would just be giving it to another one of the good ol' boys.

Anonymous said...

Art would be a GREAT Rep - smart fellow!