Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some endorsements for Chris Hackett

DALLAS, PA – Conservative Republican Congressional candidate Chris Hackett today received the endorsements of two major conservative, pro-family groups, Pennsylvania Eagle Forum and Concerned Women Political Action Committee (CWPAC). These endorsements come on the heels of a prominent Pennsylvania and national pro-business group's embrace of the Hackett candidacy.

Pennsylvania Eagle Forum is an affiliate of national Eagle Forum, a leading national pro-family grassroots organization with over 80,000 members. Fran Bevan, President of Pennsylvania Eagle Forum had this to say about Chris Hackett:

"Pennsylvania Eagle Forum supports Chris Hackett for Congress because his strong pro-family values and his commitment to those values that strengthen families, communities and country are important to our country and our world. We are pleased that Chris Hackett has taken up the banner for smaller, less-intrusive government, healthy families and communities, defense of life for the unborn and those unable to speak for themselves, and parental rights and responsibilities. We admire his willingness to offer solutions for keeping our country and our borders safe."

Concerned Women Political Action Committee was founded by pro-family leader Beverly LaHaye, who also founded Concerned Women for America, the largest women's policy organization in the United States, with over 500,000 members. Mike Mears, Director of State Legislative Relations for Concerned Women for America, said this about Chris Hackett:
"CWPAC endorses Chris Hackett for Congress because he will be a leader in fighting for the sanctity of human life, American sovereignty, and traditional values. He will not just vote the right way in Congress, but will be a powerful voice advocating for strong families, strong border control, and strong national defense."

Pennsylvania Eagle Forum and CWPAC join the pro-business Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) who recently also endorsed Chris Hackett for Congress. Michael Gibson, President of the Eastern PA chapter of the Builders and Contractors, said, "Mr. Hackett will provide the fiscal responsibility needed to cut taxes, reduce the federal budget deficit and create job growth for the district."

In response to this strong support from leading conservative organizations, Chris Hackett said, "It's an honor to receive the support of so many like-minded conservatives in the pro-family and pro-business communities, and to have them join our strong grassroots team. I look forward to proudly carrying the conservative banner into the fall election and into Congress. America must get our fiscal house in order, secure our borders, and safeguard traditional values, and I will fight to do that every day in Congress."


Anonymous said...

I guess it's good for Hackett that he's getting endorsements from the lunatic fringe. Maybe the Flat Earth Society will back him next.

kar said...

I was wondering what became of Phyliss Schflay.

Bob Kelly said...

Hello, I'm from the People For A Better America Group. We are endorsing Chris Hackett. Thank you.
Barf!!! Who gives two craps. Pack it in buddy. Maybe you should save your money and you and Dave could run for county commissioner and become the majority. I promise I'd vote for you then.

Big Dan said...

I'll tell you some FACTS about Chris Hackett's ad on the radio. He says, "Let's get rid of the 'Death Tax'." FACT: The Death Tax affects less than 2% of the RICHEST families in the country. IT DOESN'T AFFECT YOU! It IS called the ESTATE TAX, and the richest 2% BILLIONAIRES & TRILLIONAIRES & THE REPUBLICANS put on a mass/multi-million dollar MIS-INFORMATION CAMPAIGN to refer to it as the "DEATH TAX" and mislead 98% of Americans into THINKING it affects them! TELL THE TRUTH, CHRIS HACKETT! Also, I heard Chris Hackett on Corbett, and Corbett asked him questions about birth control, and Hackett had a meltdown! A little too "religious right" of a candidate? Well, Republicans love to be in YOUR/OUR bedrooms, we know that!

Anyone who doesn't believe me, Google "Estate Tax" or "Death Tax". Hackett's ad tells me he's a mis-informing Republican, going nowhere. Trying to mis-inform the public. "Let's get rid of the Death Tax"...AND MAKE THE 2% RICHEST FAMILIES IN THE COUNTRY EVEN RICHER!!! And Chris Hackett will "trick you" into thinking it affects YOU! And no farmer ever lost a farm b/c of the Death Tax, ANOTHER MISLEADING/FALSE PROPAGANDA STORY!

Big Dan said...

And "conservative"? If he's anything like BUSH or CHENEY, he's not "conservative"! Bush & Cheney blew the surplus they were handed by Clinton. Of course, Republican sympathizers blame 9/11, which only means that "conservatism" principles weren't strong enough principles to withstand "terrorism"! So, "terrorism" beat "conservatism"! Therefore, "conservatism" is a lousy philosophy.

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
- John Kenneth Galbraith

Our 'neoconservatives' are neither new nor conservative, but old as Bablyon and evil as Hell.
- Edward Abbey

Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving.
- Elizabeth Cady Stanton