Friday, January 04, 2008

Luzerne County

I'm a bit behind on the latest outrage in Luzerne County but my friend PJ is up to date. A very welcome guest post:

I have just read in today's paper (Jan. 4th) that Tim Grier's challenge was denied by the state due to his failure to own property. I however do own property in Luzerne County and if Mr. Grier would like to contact me I would be more than happy to file a complaint as a taxpayer with "unlimited status."

I Probably wouldn't have thought much about it until Commissioner Skrepenak decided to run his mouth about concerned citizens. I know political victories are rare for him lately but please act like you've done it before. Commissioner Skrepnak liked to say how they "didn't blink," but if I recall he had a meeting with Mr. Grier essentially begging him to drop his complaint. For you Commissioner Skrepenak to attack Commissioner Urban after the many wrong things that you have done is downright laughable. When it was time for you to take your lumps you kept your head down and didn't acknowledge the people with legitimate questions.

You have "defamed your character" through your actions. Do not blame a young man for questioning his government and do not get angry when people listen. That is what democracy is at its finest. I don't know Tim Grier and probably do not agree on many philosophical issues but we agree on one thing. You're to be accountable for our money and spend it wisely. Do not blame Urban and say he was angry about this past year's elections.

If you live in Luzerne County you are aware that there is a huge registration disparity. However your actions Commissioner Skrepenak have made it easier for Republicans and I thank you for that. The one constant that I hear from my fellow constituents is why did this come out after the election? Perfect timing Commissioner Skrepenak.

Now if you could please kick us while we're down, isn't it reassessment time? You did hold off for after the election, remember? More of my fellow constituents and my tax dollars for you to figure out how to waste.

Paul J.M. Stebbins Jr.

(Ed Note: I always welcome guest posts. Just email me your stuff.)


D.B. Echo said...

Say, Gort, just a thought: When running a "guest post", could you put the text in italics, or another color, or something?

Gort said...

Good idea DB. Done.

QDub said...

I love guest posts

West Side Republican said...

Stebbins must be running for something again. He wants to get his ass kicked again.

Paul J.M. Stebbins Jr. said...

Dear West Side Republican,
I have read the above statement that you made regarding myself. Actually to allow you to have the truth which your opinion lacked here goes. I have no desire to run for an office right now nor will I. I instead will be working on my career, continuing my education and enjoying family life. I have already contacted those that ran against me in 2006 and have stated such. I even offered to help anyway I could to defeat Phyllis Mundy in 2008. I can't deny that I lost but "ass-kicking" I don't believe would be an acceptable term. I was 26 years old and pulled in nearly 1100 votes and I still thank those that voted for me today. Somewhere on Gort's blog is my post-election defeat message. Like you I want to unite the party and will be working behind the scenes such as I did after my defeat when I helped Joe Leonardi's campaign as he ran for U.S. Congress. I haven't always been one who likes to argue that Lynette Villano is bad and blah blah blah. Action speaks and I look forward to tagging onto a candidate that supports what I support. Actually if you ever want to get together and discuss the future of the Republican Party in Luzerne County please feel free to e-mail me. Gort42 will give you my e-mail address if you ask him. I just think before we claim to want to unite the party we should try not angering those that would work hardest to bring it together, through personal insults. Give me a call if you'd like to have lunch and discuss a new strategy for victory.
Paul J.M. Stebbins Jr.
I can be reached at and would enjoy your e-mail as well if you are serious about what you say on your blog.

Joe Leonardi said...

Let see West Side, Paul makes a stand you anonymously accuse him of having an agenda. Paul gave it a shot and ran for office, you are critical of that. You have an anonymous blog and slam on people who don't hide.

Paul has more courage of conviction that you will ever know. He stepped in and gave it a go and now, again, he is willing to make a stand and put his name to it.

Then Paul reaches out and extends a hand to you, so he demonstrates class.

Courage of Conviction, Honesty, Class, Integrity. Is there a reason not to like Paul? Perhaps, the better question is why you chose to chide him?

Joe Leonardi

Anonymous said...


How is the view from you self-proclaimed ivory tower? We've had enough of you.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

West Side Republican said...

Mr. Leonardi,
My post regarding Paul may have been too blunt. For that, I do apologize. What I meant was that he ran for State Rep 2 years ago and then disappeared. Until about a month ago, he started writing letters to the editor and posting here. What I meant was he's like the groundhog, except less frequently. He comes out of his hole, looks for his shadow, makes waves and then goes away for 2 more years. I'm sure he might have some good ideas and legitimate concerns, but we need someone that is around and interested in non-election years too.

Paul J.M. Stebbins Jr. said...

West Side Republican,
I am aware that it probably does seem like I have gone into hiding but the truth is that my race was less than two years ago, I worked on a campaign a year and some odd months ago and have concentrated mainly on my career and family. Running for office puts a toll on both and you're constantly trying to make up months of neglect. We all know an unhappy wife makes for an unhappy husband :) I'm not against helping candidates and really do look forward to joining a campaign in the next few months. I'm actually working on a gameplan to help the Republicans regain victories in the year 2011 and 2012 which I will mail to party leaders. It includes the implementation of a real Young Republicans group and ways to help bring new and revive old loyalties. If you give me your e-mail address after I am done, I will e-mail it to you. I would also like to thank Joe Leonardi for those kind words.
Paul J.M. Stebbins Jr.