Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meuser rakes in the bucks and starts to spend them

NRCC: Businessman Dan Meuser, one of the two leading Republicans seeking to unseat Rep. Christopher Carney (D), announced late last week that he raised more than $400,000 in individual donations in the final three months of 2007. In a memo (why didn't I get it?) to his supporters, Meuser also announced that he loaned his campaign an additional $250,000 and finished the year with $400,000 in cash on hand.

Businessman Chris Hackett (R) ended December with about $386,800 in cash on hand, according to his spokesman Mark Harris, who declined to give any more figures. Both Republicans are wealthy and willing to fund their bids.

Meuser owns and operates Pride Mobility Products, a motorized wheelchair company, while Hackett owns a staffing solutions company — and had already tossed $100,000 of his own funds into his campaign as of the end of September.

Chris Hackett was the first Republican candidate on TV with these 2 ads that aired on FOX News which explains why I have never seen them on the air. Meuser responds with this one that repeats the usual lament of young people leaving the area and a promise to bring good paying jobs to the area. Every politician in my lifetime has promised better jobs and a solution to keep our young in the area. I hope one of them finally figures out how to do it. Sometimes I think that these problems are beyond the scope of politics although our local bunch of hacks don't help things.

Tip of the teleprompter to Ignorance is Bliss for pointing out the video.


Anonymous said...

meuser looks like such a total slime ball. "i grew up thinking one day i would enter public service"...i think he left out the part about how he's been busy in that time bilking medicare to finance that chic tan sweater he's wearing and the teeth whitening system he's been using.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wonder if that "House For Sale" sign is the same one he has on his current residence. Oops thats right he was able to keep his $1.9 million home and buy another one on Harvey's Lake so he can say he lives in the 10th. Sounds like an average guy to me. This guy is a fraud. I was up to his house on the lake and the only people there were construction workers. He is a joke.

Anonymous said...

The people in the video are Pride employees. Is that ethical? There are just too many other ethics questions for anyone to elect him, as well. No matter your party, ethics and values should be important, and Meuser doesn't have either.

Bob Kelly said...

Wow, the Hacket/Madeira boys are out in full force today. You guys set a timer for when it's time to type the next comment?
You must be getting scared. Seriously, when is someone going to endorse Hackett???? Or is it almost time for the puppet Swiderski to drop out and endorse Hackett??? OOOO, really great strategy.
Seriously, Chris and Dave, whoever is making the decisions, try doing the opposite for a change.

Anonymous said...

I just went on and if the definition of a fraud is someone that:
- is endorsed by key republican leaders
-has created a successful company that has created over 1000 well paying jobs that provide health insurance/ that enable employees to purchase homes (many in the 10th)/ whose well paying jobs retain young professionals in the area
-has raised some serious funds
-has true conservative values

he must be a fraud.

hadios senor hackett

DanMeuserIsACharacter said...

Round 1:

Dan Meuser has a clear advantage after the first round. Regardless of policy positions, Mr. Meuser looks much more comfortable at "doing his own stunts".

Chris Hackett had a nice touch with the farm, but looked a bit, well, "wooden".

It's the Tin Man versus the Scarecrow in Mixed

Anonymous said...

Hackett/Maderia saying Meuser people are out in full force but they seem to be the only ones running anybody down. Seems like the slimy tricks still belong to Maderia and now he has brought Hackett into the mix. Chris you still have a shot but get rid of the Maderia slime before it is to late.

Anonymous said...

Anon- I would assume if construction workers are there then he is having some work done before he moves in. That would make sense. Forget the jealousy for somebody who worked hard (that also includes Chris) and became a success. When did Republicans not drag down successful people. I thought that was the job of the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:06- how do you know they are Pride employees? You spout irresponsible allegations but you don't have the guts to put your name to it. Must be Maderia- say what ever you want and just hope it sticks. Nice try Dave- thanks for ruining Hackett's chances.



DanMeuserIsACharacter said...

It doesn't matter, with the tanking economy the tax cut mantra is officially dead. Capital formation was never the problem with the economy over the last business cycle. If your customers are broke, a tax cut doesn't stimulate the economy. Tax cuts only cause what's left to invest outside the country. Maybe we should invest in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure instead of paying homage to the gamblers who leveraged our country to the hilt.