Sunday, January 20, 2008

PA State Represenatives from Luzerne County -117th

Petition season starts Tuesday and the only primary challenge I've heard of so far is Republican James May taking on Karen Boback in the 117th District.

This campaign website has been updated but this one is barren and the official PA House site doesn't tell you much.

James May is an Army veteran that got bounced from the ballot in 2006 because of an incomplete financial disclosure form. This time he is running hard on the issue of teacher strikes and Boback's ties to the teachers union. Bob Guzzardi is backing him with some big bucks

His website stresses old fashion values with new leadership.

James May for State Representative from the 117th District.


Anonymous said...

Karen should be worried - May is running hard and smart. He would have won the last time if not for the disclosure issue. Karen has only given him ammo by her voting record.

Anonymous said...

Boback needs to be beat, leave her huge donations from special interest groups like the teachers union and powers like Sordoni and Flack in the wake. We need change, no more sheep!!!