Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So who's running for what? I think it's a sure bet that our local incumbent state reps will be on the the ballot but the question is who is willing to take them on.

In the 117th freshman Karen Boback is facing a primary challenge from fellow Republican James May but so far that is the only definite challenger to emerge in any race. I've heard that a Kingston Republican with a very similar name is mulling a run against Phyllis Mundy in the 120th but I haven't been able to confirm it yet. Todd Eachus has announced he will run for a sixth term in the 116th district centered on Hazleton. Look for an opponent of the proposed Cargo Airport to take him on. I haven't heard of any serious rumblings of an opponent to Mike Carroll in the 118th or Eddy Day Pashinski in the 121st but it's early.

John Yudichak can probably have the 119th seat for life and he's toyed with the idea of taking on Kanjorski for Congress but this is not the year to do that. And speaking of Kanjo the question is will Lou Barletta take him on?

Help me out people. Let me know in the comments or send me an email if you know of anyone circulating nominating petitions.

In the 10th CD race I'm sure that Carney, Meuser and Hackett will be able to get the 1,000 required signature but we will see if Haire and Swiderski have good enough organizations to get on the ballot. And there is always a chance of a surprise candidate in this district like Kathy Scott in 2006.

Speaking of the 10th CD the CV has this item about something we have been discussing for months on this site:

The Democratic campaign committee for Luzerne County Commissioners Greg Skrepenak and Todd Vonderheid received campaign contributions in 2006 from Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett — two Republicans currently running for Congress.

Hackett and Meuser are competing for the Republican nomination to challenge Chris Carney, the Democratic representative of the 10th Congressional District.Hackett and Meuser love touting their conservative Republican credentials in their campaign ads.

You don’t hear much about their 2006 contributions to the Democratic duo then in charge of the county.


Michelle D said...

You're it.

This time it isn't a personal one, its just links, nice and easy!

Sleeping dog said...

Wake me when someone something that hasn't been beaten to death.

Anonymous said...

ZZZzzz...ZZZzzz...ZZZzzz... and David Madeira sold his soul to a creep like Hackett. Where were you Pat Toomey when we could have had him or John Scott, what were you doing, reading old Newt Gingrich speeches?

Anonymous said...

petitions? we don't need no stinkin petitions!

West Side Republican said...

Meuser and Hackett = Bad News for the local Republican party

Anonymous said...

what local Republican party are you talking about???? That comment proves you're #1 not really a republican because you know there is no local party and #2 you are just looking to discredit them so your pal Carney can get back in. Please, change your name to West Side Tree Hugging Pinko.

West Side Republican said...

Another sore Meuser supporter. What are you going to do when he loses like I have been saying all along? Don't feel you have to resort to calling me or anyone else names. Disagreeing is what makes Democracy work.

Anonymous said...

west side I will ask again- Once someobdy wins the nomination will you work to get them elected?

I think I know the answer- No- because you are not a republican and just another whinner.

also why is anon 10:21 a meuser person? he hit you because you keep saying negative comments about the two front runners for the Republican ticket. If they are not good enough then get your butt in there and run.

Anonymous said...

Yea west side- how about getting involved in the fight instead of just bitching. Get out there support somebody and work at getting them elected. Whoever you pick- meuser, hackett, haire, or the other guy. Get in the fight. Cry baby