Monday, January 14, 2008

Ely drops out, backs Meuser

Don Ely Endorses Dan Meuser For Congress

Former Candidate for Republican Nomination and Republican State Committee Member Withdraws and Endorses Dan Meuser

Conservative activist and Republican State Committee Member Don Ely today announced that he was withdrawing from the race for the Republican Nomination for Congress and endorsed Dan Meuser.

“I believe Dan Meuser is the candidate who can unite conservatives and defeat liberal Chris Carney in the fall and that is why I am joining Dan’s team,” Ely said at a news conference arranged by WKOK radio station and in a letter to supporters.

Don Ely, a former school teacher, praised Dan Meuser’s experience in the private sector as President of Pride Mobility.

“Dan Meuser is the only candidate who has business experience running an international corporation, managing a large payroll, investing in our area, and creating a large number of jobs,” Ely said. “This unique experience will prepare Dan well to lead not only in Washington, but locally as well. Dan has an exceptionally organized campaign.”

Ely also cited Dan Meuser’s conservative values as a reason he was supporting his campaign.
“Dan Meuser has the right conservative values,” Ely said. “Dan opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, supports securing our borders, and will defend America against the liberals who seek to weaken America’s sovereignty. He will fight for lower taxes and will oppose liberals who want to increase the power of the federal government at the expense of the freedom of the individual. As our Congressman, Dan will stand up for traditional marriage, the rights of the unborn, and the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution.”

“Don’s endorsement means a lot to our campaign,” Meuser said. “Don has shown himself to be a stalwart conservative, working for conservative causes across this district and across the country. I am honored to know that Don looked at all the candidates running for Congress and decided that I was the candidate to best represent our district.”

Don Ely will serve as a Senior Advisor to the Meuser campaign.


Don Merideth said...

Turn out the lights...the party's over.

Bob Kelly said...

It's nice to see people who care more about the party than their own personal agenda. Well said Don.

Anonymous said...

or cynically speaking, it proves the old cliche
everyone has a price..... senior advisor sounds nice

Anonymous said...

How many senior advisors does that make on the payroll now? Let's see, Peters, Ely, Naylor...guess he couldn't offer Marino as much money as DeNaples.

Anonymous said...

so when is hackett going to drop out? dan is the man-- for the 10th

Anonymous said...

You think Hackett will drop out? Maybe Dan will find out not everyone can be bought.

Even Meuser doesn't have enough money to buy enough votes to win the nomination, does he?

Poker face said...

At some point you have to lay down your cards, right now I'd say Meuser has the better hand, problem for the opposition, there aren't as many good cards left in the deck.

Hold 'em? Fold 'em? Glad I'm not making that call.

West Side Republican said...

Like I have said many times, Meuser will win the primary, but he is not the right candidate for the job. Carney will win re-election and probably pretty significantly.

Anonymous said...

as long as you keep calling yourself a republican he won't - as "the west side republican" who wants to see his party grow you're surely not helping matters. Do tell, what is the real agenda here ? There was a site like yours durning the 10th senatorial that spent the entire time bashing Lisa Baker - probably set up by republican running against her (gee, wonder who that was?)

West Side Republican said...

I can tell you I am a prominent Baker supporter. I keep telling this forum that Meuser is a person that will do more harm to the local party than good. That's my motivation. He does not have the support of local elected officials.

Anonymous said...

so if the people within the republican party elect him as their candidate will you work to get him elected west side "republican"

poker face said...


Local elected officials?? Local republican elected officials???

Harder to find than hen's teeth.

He seems to have a lot of support, from a lot of respected republicans.

goyankees69 said...

I'm trying to keep an open mind about the primary, and I certainly will make my own decision...but these endorsements are hard to ignore. Santorum, Peters, Barletta, & now Ely, these guys must know something.

Immigration is an important issue for me, and Barletta is the man when it comes to immigration, I love what he has done, and what he has tried to do, and if he thinks Dan Meuser is the guy, well that's hard for me to ignore.

I'm still thinking, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not leaning toward Meuser, I just want to beat Carney, and it starting to look like Meuser is the guy who can do that.

Anonymous said...

curious what exactly has Barletta accomplished on immigration? his ordinance is still in litigation, he hasn't used his noterity to push for any federal reform.
seems like he is all blow and no go...
meuser reminds be of that old wrestler, I can't remember his name but his catch phrase was, "everyone's gotta a price, for the million dollar man."

habla espanol said...

Barletta tried, he tried to nudge the feds into doing their job.

Was he successful? Partially, he raised awareness, he took a chance, he risked be labeled "racist" for trying to enforce laws on the books.

This battle has just begun, even dems are now talking in ways that were unimaginable before Lou.

AND, I think mhe plays well in rural America.

Stay tuned.

Scott said...


What you are talking about are the lyrics to a song--

Everybody's got a price,
Everybody's gonna pay
Cuz the Million dollar Man,
Always gets his way
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
Money, Money, Money, Money, Money
Some might cost a little,
some might cost a lot
But I'm the Million Dollar Man,
And you will be bought


Meuser, the Million Dollar Man?

Anonymous said...

Scott- or should we say John Scott- you had your chance and you will now be paid by Hackett- For those of you who don't know Don Ely (I am a former student)- he is not doing it for money- he doesn't need it. he is a man of honor who has worked very hard to get alot of Republicans elected. Don't run the man down because he made a decision to support a candidate that you disagree with. Go out and do something with your life, John ther reason you couldn't win is because just like Maderia, nobody can stand you. You are a smug hateful little man just like your buddy Dave.