Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lou Barletta for Congress

Or maybe not. This headline was on the Morning Call's website yesterday afternoon:

Hazleton mayor running for Congress

It quotes Pennsylvania Republican Committee Chairman Rob Gleason:

Barletta will announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination in the 11th district seat in "a few days," Gleason said in an interview today. The seat is held by Democrat Paul Kanjorski."He is putting his team together," Gleason said. "I'm counting on him to win it."

A few hours later Mayor Lou denied it, almost:

Despite claim, Barletta denies Congress candidacy

"There has been a great deal of discussion recently surrounding my decision on a potential run for the U.S. House of Representatives. Although some folks have confirmed that I am running, I can tell you that I have not made a decision."

He is still playing Hamlet on the Susquehanna saying:

"This is an incredibly important decision for my family and we are working together to make a decision. I will be making my decision in the near future."

He better make it soon because he has until February 12th to file his nominating petitions but he said he hasn't started circulating them yet.


kar said...

Be afraid Kanjo, be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Barletta has about as much appeal in the district as George Bush in the Democratic National Committee. Another big win by Kanjo 65%-35%, if not greater.

Anonymous said...

if he doesn\'t know if he wants to run by now then he has a problem. this type of decision should have been made prior to the date to begin circulating. he is either being coy or wants to be courted, either way it is dishonest.

if he genuinely doesn\'t know if he wants to lead, then we don\'t need him. i want a rep who wants the job, not one who needs to be convinced.

those who slam meuser and hackett can never claim either of them indecisive.

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of leadership. Barletta has learned from his first run at Kanjorski. This time he will have a much better organization with a much better focus on what it takes to win a race from an incumbent. Kanjo is a top member of the Banking and Finance Committee. So how's that subprime mess going for him so far???? Anyone want the 9 million back for a fake project funded by all of us. Kanjo had a triple bypass performed at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Mass. Guess the hospitals in Pennsylvania weren't good enough for him. No wonder the rest of us are struggling with healthcare issues.

Anonymous said...

I don\'t disagree with a thing you just said, but it is almost Feb. 1st. If he is going to run, he should be ready and be honest about it. He has had plenty of time to think and put together an organization. If he hasn\'t done it yet, well WTF?

Dana said...

I live in Jim Thorpe, and I'll be supporting Mr Barletta on my website. I can't find a campaign website for Mr Barletta yet -- two days after he announced.

Gort said...

Dana the website is at:

I just took a look at your place, nice job.

Dana said...

Gort: Thanks for the link, and your nice comment! You've been credited on my site for providing the link.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, if this great American gets elected, he will work not to allow 30 million illegal aliens to camp out in our country.

America needs you, Mayor Barletta. You need to get Lou Dobbs as your campaign manager.