Thursday, January 03, 2008

TV ad wars start in PA 10

Republican 10th CD candidate Chris Hackett has been on the air with radio ads running on WILK for a few weeks now he has the first TV media buy of the race with 2 ads running on cable TV. The first one has a little bio introduction then goes right to the issues.

If you miss it on cable you can find it on YouTube.

And the second one repeats a lot of the claptrap but it's still positive.


The Purple Cobra said...

Jamestown Associates? Hackett lost before the race even began.

kar said...

Very impressive, I'm voting for the "voice over" guy.

Anonymous said...

another non military person telling us how much he supports the military if he supported it so much why didn\'t the pretty boy ever serve

Greg Palmer said...

Wow, I'm surprised that this is starting so early! I figured we had at least another 3 weeks before these primaries heated up.


Anonymous said...

KAR, when is your boss, Meuser, going to begin running ads? I'm curious to see if he mentions the fines for illegal software use by his company under his direction as told in the newspapers. Is stealing software a platform?

kar said...

Anon 5:13

Sounds like a good strategy, I'll mention it to him next time I see him.

Seriously Clark, the air war will start soon enough, wait for it.

Oh, and it will be replete with all the positive things that Meuser has done with Pride, on behalf of dis-abled Americans, and for the area generally.

Remind "His Holiness" that patience is a virtue.


Anonymous said...

I've started reading the blogs on the 10th Congressional, and it's unbelieveable the amount of hate and vitriol I see from Mueser's supporter, KAR.

Does your boss know the nasty things you say about the other candidates and their supporters? If he condones this, I think I'll be looking elsewhere.

Anyone else feel like I do?

Anonymous said...

Meuser knows about it. He supports it. Dan Meuser's role is in the race to keep Chris Carney in office by discrediting any republican opposition in the tenth. His reward? More business for Pride.

kar said...

Wow, tag-team anonymouses, do you guys belong to the same club, or civic organization?

Stunningly briliant observation about Meuser's motivation.

I'm going to presume that you're kidding because it would be difficult to imagine that level of stupidity exists.

Please go back and read all of the un-provoked attacks directed at Meuser & his company, most made by
nameless faceless anonymousses.

How about some positives about Hackett, or "His Holiness".

Got anything positive to say about Hackett/Maderia...anything??

Concerning "His Holiness", I'm starting to have some serious mis-givings about his goodness, he seems a tad mean-spirited, and totally devoid of humor.

Ciao boys.

TJ said...

kar and meuser sure don't seem to have any respect for the disabled. first they make money off their backs and tax payers by selling rediculously over priced wheelchairs. then they call themselves heros of the disabled. name one disabled persons group who supports meuser. name one disabled person who supports meuser. there aren't any. it's sickening how meuser's camp keeps exploiting the disabled.

Anonymous said...

Meuser and KAR are heroes for the Carney campaign :)

Bob Kelly said...

Looks like someone needs to step in here that's not spewing lies. First of all, tj, your comment about "over priced wheelchairs" was interesting. Back that up big guy. Over priced compared to what?? How much are they???
As for "disabled" persons or groups not supporting Meuser where do you get that from??? Another lie.
It's funny how the anons come out criticizing Meuser and KAR saying they're going negative when Hackett's boys have been flinging the first mudpies since last year.
Then Dave and Chris talk poor Swiderski in to running. Paul comes out criticizing Meuser for being rich while Hackett's in the same tax bracket then this morning Swiderski praises Hackett for his TV ads. Come on Paul, why are you embarressing your family like this?
Here are the facts, Dave has been known to use "questionable" tactics in his previous campaign. Dave, isn't it amazing how people running against you can all of a sudden have problems with certain electronic devices????
We also know Hackett/Madeira has been all over the blogs since day one. Chris has no personality and anyone who talks to him will agree. Keep trying guys. I'm sure it's only a matter of time till the bag of dirty tricks gets opened.

Gort said...


"people running against you can all of a sudden have problems with certain electronic devices????"

What? Please tell us more.

kar said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Apparently times are desperate over in Maderiaville.

Lets review, first "His Holiness" decides that he doesn't want to risk the public humiliation associated with another loss.

Can't fault him for that, I mean how many times can you get your ass handed to you, and still portray yourself as a winner?

What to do? Answer; find one or more easily duped individuals to run as his proxy, assure them that the support they need will come from being associated with him.

Sounds easy enough; enter Chris Hackett, likable, attractive,successful, but with some baggage.

Apparently Chris never found a repulican candidate, or republican cause worthy of support.

Chris's only plunge into matters political seems to be a rather generous contribution to "the big ugly" himself, Senor' Skrep, the debit card king of Luzerne County.

Actually one could argue that it was more of an investment, as it provided a handsome return in the form of a county contract to re-hire laid off or retired county employees.

This may have appealed to "his Holiness" because it was similar to raising Lazarus from the dead.

Oh, and then there was that whole debacle with "El Presidente's" visit to town, funded in part by Hackett himself, and the opportunistic, hypocritical, protesting of said visit.

Enter the next dupe, Paul Swiderski, or as I like to refer to him; the "got no green" Lantern.

This self described successful businessman, who once touted himself as the "business doctor", had one teeny little issue, his own financial disaster in the form of a recent bankruptcy filing.

I don't know how success is measured where Paul comes from, but I'm not running to him for any financial advice.

Now with dupes in short supply "His Holiness" unleashes his "flying monkeys", a cadre of bloggers, some anonymous, other just crazy, or angry, or both(Eddy).

The attack on Meuser personally, and his busines is relentless.

The facts are the facts, Pride is a successful, growing business that provides much needed good paying, full time, permanent jobs with benefits.

These types of jobs allow young people from the area to stay in the area.

Pride cannot hire everyone in the region, we need to attract more major companies to N.E. PA, Meuser has a plan to do that, the others just pay it lip service.

So my friends the choice is pretty obvious.

Dan Meuser, a genuinely successful businessman, with a vision, and a concrete plan to move this area in the right direction. A man with an actual record of success in job creation & retention.

"His Holiness" who offers us Chris " do you want fries with that" Hackett, king of the part-time, no benefit, job market.

OR, anyone of a number of individuals "His Holiness" can coax from under a rock.

I'd say it's a fairly easy choice.

Ciao y'all

Anonymous said...

If the Meuser camp is so concerned about anonymous postings, why doesn't KAR post his bio?

Here's a fact: Power wheelchairs are paid for by the government (you, Mr. Taxpayer) on average between $4,200 and $6,000 (sometimes much higher). Look at Grandma's wheelchair and take a guess what it costs to make. It's the government paying $300 for a hammer all over again. Meuser's hand is in the cookie jar and running for office strictly to keep the sugar cookies coming.

Gort rocks for letting the voices of the people debate this great race!

paul said...

Anon 4:46- you want KAR to reveal himself but you don't reveal yourself. I don't like Hackett and I have made myself very clear on this point because he is a liar and an opportunist and it is all because of the Presidente Fox issue of paying for him to be here, protesting him to get press, and then lying by saying he did not know. Regarding Meuser- all of you who keep attacking KAR seem to be doing the same thing for Hackett/Maderia. We all now that Dave would do whatever it takes to win an election including cheating, lying, and stealing- and then wrap himself up to be a Christian. Well Tammy Fay Baker and Jim Baker were also the same type of people as Maderia-

Regarding Swiderski- don't buy it that he is a plant for HAckett and I read his explanation for filling bankruptcy and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I would rather have him in charge of finances then the self proclaimed financial expert Hackett that was 12 million over budget on the Wilkes Barre Chamber theater project. By the way that was a 30 million dollar project so he was only off by 40%.

kar said...

Anon 4:46,

You're interested in me, how sweet.

Well, I'm a MWMNSSDCR, that's a married white male, non-smoking. social drinking, conservative republican, I'm in my late 50's, but I strive to stay youngish.

I like long walks on the beach, conversations in front of the fire-place, and puppies...who doesn't like puppies?

You know waht else I like? I like candidates who are actually qualified to hold the position they seek.

When candidates talk about job creation & retention, attracting new business ventures to the area, the imporatnce of fiscal esponsibility, I am attracted to those who can honestly point to a record of real accomplishment.

You may not like Dan Meuser, although I doubt that you know or have ever met him, but you're entitled to not like him.

But to ignore, distort, or out-right lie about his record of accomplishment is something I will not allow to go un-challenged.

Dan has never been associated with failure, it's not in his DNA.

You can rest assured that his intention is to send Chris Carney back to whatever it was he was doing before he lucked into his seat in congress.

Look at the facts anon, job creation, full time jobs, not county sponsored part time positions, an ability to attract business to the area, an ability to work with others in Washington to solve problems.

Anyone can stand on the corner and screech about waste & corruption in government.

The hard part is to find ways to improve government from within, finding common ground, resolving issues while maintaining core principles.

I don't see that ability coming from any candidate that has Dave Maderia as an's not in "His Holines's" DNA.

It's better to light one lttle candle, than curse the darkness.


P.S., yes a big thanks to Gort for having this site, I enjoy reading the non 10th stuff a lot.

West Side Republican said...


What makes Meuser more qualified than the other candidates? I don't see an advantage in that category. Myself and my fellow local pols take exception to his carpetbagger tactics. He does not have our support. Sorry. Oh, and puppies are annoying and crap on the carpet.

Anonymous said...

it is amazing that all of you attack KAR for standing up for mueser but you are not willing to tell us your names either. The beautiful thing about a blog is they are anonymous the worst thing about a blog is that you can remain anonymous. It is very clear that there are two sides who go to this blog to insult each other. These new blogs (Eddy the angry elf) are simply creating blogs to attack meuser and you guys say that is all Meuser's guys do. The same thing happened in the Baker campaign and the only similar factor is maderia (his holiness, kar very funny). Dave ran a dirty campaign against lisa and he is doing it again. I will learn about both of them and then make my decision. If any of you think that your rants will get more votes for either side you are crazy.