Thursday, January 10, 2008

My last 10th CD post

For this week. Davis Haire has his website up.

He bills himself as The Rural Conservative. So far the site has the basics such as his bio and some policy positions such as the usual Republican stuff on immigration, making English the official language, cutting taxes and shockingly points out that the government wastes money.

On health care he wants blow up the whole concept of the pooled risk of insurance with Health Savings Accounts and uses the buzzwords "Hillary-style socialized medicine." But he wants more government health care and other services for veterans.

Breaking the mold he cites President Kennedy with a call for an Apollo type program to break our dependence on foreign oil. Then returns to form by saying he likes to shoot guns, loves farmers and hates lawyers.


Anonymous said...

who doesn't hate lawyers- except for mine.

I heard he had 15 people at his kickoff in bradford and 20 ins susquehanna. pretty rural areas and no turn out.

Anonymous said...

this is going to be your last post on the 10th? who got to ya?

t.g. said...

HaHa! I saw the title for this post and immediately said to myself, "bull****!"


Right Winger said...

You got me on that one Gort. I thought "oh crap, I bet he's going to work for a campaign."
But, good one. I know, I'm still slacking. I'll get back in to full speed soon.

Gort said...

Don't worry folks, nobody got to me and I'm certainly not going to work for any of the campaigns. I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm just an interested observer in what is probably one of the hottest House races in the country.

HaHa! said...

To: Gort
From: Michael Vick
Subject: Did somebody say "dogfight"?