Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breaking News

I was going to lay off the Pennsylvania 10th CD race for a few days and concentrate on some other things but events dictate otherwise. It's like Michael Corrleone saying every time I try to get out they pull me back in. And no, the breaking news has nothing to do with Tom Marino working for Louis DeNaples.

Mayor Lou Barletta Endorses Dan Meuser for Congress

Hazelton Mayor and National Leader to Support Conservative Businessman in Pennsylvania ’s 10th Congressional District

Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta today endorsed conservative businessman Dan Meuser’s campaign for Congress.

In a letter to Republican activists throughout the 10th Congressional District, Mayor Barletta praised Dan Meuser's conservative values and his commitment to homeland and economic security.

“ America finds itself at a crossroads when it comes to our homeland security as a nation and our economic security as individuals,” Mayor Barletta said. “Dan Meuser is the candidate running in Pennsylvania ’s 10th District who has the values, the experience, and determination to help move our country and our area in the right direction.”

Mayor Barletta has been recognized nationally for his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform at the local level, including putting into place local ordinances that helped curb illegal immigration in Hazelton.

“As a Congressman, Dan Meuser will fight to secure our borders, and will oppose any and all attempts at amnesty,” Mayor Barletta said. “It is time we send patriots to Washington to defend the rule of law and protect our citizens, and I know Dan Meuser will be that type of Congressman.”

Meuser described the endorsement as significant, considering the job Mayor Barletta has done and his leadership on issues such as protecting our borders.

“I am proud to have the support of Mayor Barletta,” Meuser said. “Adding Mayor Barletta to our team is a significant addition for our campaign. Mayor Barletta believes in conservative values and has shown himself to be a leader on issues where Washington has failed us, including securing our borders.”


Anonymous said...

so does this mean dan won\'t give to kanjorski this election cycle

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I wanted to believe that the Mayor was doing some positive things for both this area and the Republican Party in this area, and then he goes and back a guy who claims he wantes fiscal responsibility, but behind the scenes donates to Kanjo and lobbies Congress to steer medicare funds his way.

Shame on you, Lou.

Bob Kelly said...

Broken records. Heard it all before. It's all getting old. This is just getting sad. Any endorsement Meuser gets will get trashed by you Hackett/Madeira boys. Sorry all the good ones are going with Meuser. Don't worry Chris, I'm sure Greg Skrep will endorse you. One hand washes the other right?? Just be careful if he puts his donation on a debit card.

Anonymous said...

So Bob are you saying that Meuser did not give money to Kanjorski?

Scott said...

No, of course thats not what Bob is saying. Meuser gave to Kanjo, Fast Eddie Rendell, and lots of other liberal Dems.

What Bob is saying is, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

That is so yesterday! We need to focus on the future of the Republocratic party here! Forget about the liberal democrats Dan Meuser gave to in 2007, this is 2008. A New Year!

DanMeuserIsACharacter said...


The campaign debt Lou racked up in 2006 won't pay off itself. People do uncharacteristic things when debts are high. Today's opponents are tomorrow's allies in this political environment.

kar said...

This is good news for Meuser, no denying it.

It must be a rather rude awakening for the nay saying Greek Chorus that picks at evry move Meuser makes.

Santorum, Peters, & now Barletta, but heck what do they know?

Keep beating the dead horse, and yes Scott, it's time to turn the corner and look to the future.

You & "His Holines" can go back to the drawing board, better hurry though, the clock is ticking.

dnmeuserisacharacter, Vince never said it would be like this, did he?

How's the weather in the heartland?

What a beautiful morning.


Bob Kelly said...

What I'm saying Scott and anon, is that this was addressed months ago. Over 90% of all Meuser's campaign contributions went to Republicans. This is compared to 100% of Hacketts contributions going to Dems!!!!!! What don't you get? How can you Hackett/Madeira people keep hoping this will stick while ignoring your own candidates contribution?
Again, been there, done that. Look for something new.

Anonymous said...

Lou Barletta "national leader" gee I thought he was just a "local thug." Will someone investigate this hate baiting la costa nostra's own "immigration issue" that being the rumored illegitimate child with the possibly illegal house maid....

Anonymous said...

actually bob i am curious of how this will effect pride. meuesser gave to kanjorski to ensure his power. if barletta runs and meusser doesn't give to kanjo and meusser looses how will this effect his treatment from the congressman from the 11th.
kanjorski is extremely vindictive and if meusser gives to barletta and barletta looses. weather mesuer is in congress or not he will feel kanjo's wrath. and since the dems will probably make control meusser will be a back bencher on some obscure committee never to be heard from again.
with this whole mess i think we should stick with carney

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering if Jesus endorses Meuser will the Hacket/Maderia people say "he is just the son of God, he is not God so it doesn't count". This partisan crap is ruining this blog

Anonymous said...

Jesus would forgive Meusser his hyporcrisy but I don't he would endorse it.