Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10th CD poll

SurveyUSA for Roll Call (8/23-25, 623 likely voters):

Chris Carney (D-inc): 49

Chris Hackett (R): 45

(MoE: ±4.0%)

Carney was viewed favorably by 40 percent of those surveyed and unfavorably by 23 percent. 30 percent were neutral and 6 percent said they had no opinion.

Hackett had a 36 percent to 23 percent favorable/unfavorable rating; 31 percent of voters were neutral, while 11 percent said they had no opinion.

10th CD voters prefer a candidate who touts alternative sources of energy over one who advocates increased offshore drilling by a 54-36 margin and 40% of voters in the 10th blame the oil companies for the high cost of gasoline.

Bush has a 32% approval rating, while 61% of voters disapproved.

John McCain leads Barack Obama by 50-41 in the 10th District. Bush won the district 60-40 in 2004.

Update: Reaction from the Hackett camp

"We're very pleased. After more than a month of TV ads trying to promote his paper-thin record in Congress, Chris Carney is still being rejected by voters. We fully expect Carney and his liberal Washington allies to ramp up their negative message now."-Mark Harris

Update 2: Vince Rongione speaking for the Carney campaign

“These polls confirm what we already know. Congressman Carney has very strong support across party lines and across the district. We will continue to fight for every vote and focus on the issues that really matter. It is very encouraging to see that our positive message -- lowering taxes, fighting for veterans, lowering gas prices, and helping to create jobs right here in America is connecting with voters in every corner of Northeast and Central Pennsylvania. Clearly folks are already tired of our challenger’s constant mudslinging and personal attacks.”


femaile said...

Kind of sad that Dan Meuser doesn't have the same level of class which the person he donated money to in the past does. Sen. Clinton put her party first and her question is relevant to the Meuser people. Did you just support him, or the republican agenda.

Zen said...

hackett's negativity will surely be a problem for him.
In general, I think these polls are pretty much meaningless. I saw Meuser's poll numbers on the Friday before the primary. The poll had him winning by 11%. We all know what the outcome was.
As for this poll, the answer to the pollster has more to do with the way the question was asked than anything else.

Danny Bauder said...

The McCain / Obama numbers are interesting for a few reasons:

1. Is McCain hovering around 50% because he hasn't sealed the deal with conservatives?

2. Is it because having Carney in congress voters are more comfortable with the idea of a democrat than they were in '04?

3. Are his numbers below Bush's because the republican brand has been tarnished by the Bush administration?

Anonymous said...

I would rather numbers from a poll without automated calling - for all we know my five year old pushed the button for Hackett when she answered the phone.