Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe Biden for Vice President

That is the result of the Gort42 poll. Biden got 39% far outpacing Hillary Clinton's 17% and everybody else was in single digits.

I still think the VP will come out of left field (Tom Dachele ) or further.


Senator Barack Obama has chosen Klaatu as his running mate. You may know Klaatu from the documentary cleverly disguised as a fictional movie titled "The Day the Earth Stood Still".
Klaatu will be accompanied by his robot friend Gort who is programmed to destroy the earth if we cannot control our violence. Klaatu and Gort have been travelling to our planet for many years.

Thanks Danny


PSoTD said...

At this point, Biden is closest to the first directive "Do No Harm" imho.

pj the wb lefty said...

Safe but he'll be effective.