Friday, August 22, 2008

One debate in the 10th CD

I think there should be more.

Carney agrees to one debate

It will be on October 30 for one-hour to be aired on WVIA-TV and simulcast on Pennsylvania Cable News Network .

The Hackett camp is up in arms because they want more which brought this intemperate statement from Chris Hackett spokesman Mark Harris:

“Chris Carney obviously thinks he’s a Washington big shot now. First he abandoned his promise to represent Pennsylvania values by voting with (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi and the liberals 90 percent of the time,” Harris said. “Now he refuses to even show enough respect for voters to defend his record in open and honest debates.

Carney is a sorry excuse for a congressman, trying to win an election behind negative attacks instead of debates.”

Carney Campaign manager Vince Rongione smacked back:

Rongione called Harris’ comments “typical gutter politics” and pointed out they come at a time Carney is at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia for a two-week training commitment with the U.S. Navy Reserves.

“It is reprehensible and completely beyond the pale that our opponent continues to personally attack Congressman Carney while he is serving our country in uniform.

Greg at Keystone Politics picks apart Harris' statement:

This is ridiculous – first of all, Carney is hardly a “Nancy Pelosi liberal.” He’s a moderate congressman from a moderate district; good match, no? Second, it’s extraordinarily distasteful to make these accusations while Carney, a Commander in the Naval Reserve, is on active duty. Sorry Hackett, he doesn’t have time to campaign against your constant negative attacks because he’s doing actual work for the people; something you’d know nothing about.


Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

anonymous.. I truly hope you are referring to Hackett's campaign manager with your comment. There are two brave men in congress that also serve activley in the armed services, and one of them is Chris Carney. To insult a man in uniform like Mark Harris has, could be just a taste of the dirty nature of the Hackett campaign.

Greg Palmer said...

Thanks for noticing my commentary, Gort. For what it's worth, I think there should be 3-4 debates in any good congressional race, including this one.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight: because Chris Carney serves in the Navy Reserves, he is immune from criticism about his performance as a Congressman and a candidate?

This is typical rhetoric from Carney and his fellow-travellers and it should come as no surprise he would even hide behind his uniform as an excuse to avoid criticism. He obviously cannot defend his term in office and his voting record, dishonesty, and unwillingness to debate do indeed make him a sorry excuse for a Congressman.

Anonymous said...

Intemperate, yes, dirty, no.

Part of being a Congressman is debating the person who runs against you, and announcing you will only do one debate and then heading off for reserve duty, expecting your competitor will not respond seems a little disengenuious.

Carneys spokesman calling the response "reprehensible" is a bit much too.

I think Hackett and Carney should have at least two debates, and the local media should put the pressure on Carney to do it. (after he returns of course...)

Anonymous said...

I have no problem being critical of agreeing to only one debate but Hackett had a choice on how to respond and he chose to be a dirtbag. As far as hiding behind his uniform, the fact that Carney wears one and is serving his country is reason enough to hold up on the personal attacks while he is active. You can be critical without being personal. Hackett could never see that because he doesn't understand what it means to be an honorable person.

pj the wb lefty said...

Hackett only has one issue, that being earmarks. Do we need 8 debats to listen to him talk ad nauseum about that? Same with Lou...we need one debate to hear all about how he wrings his hands about illegals and that's that.

pj the wb lefty said...

“Carney is a sorry excuse for a congressman, trying to win an election behind negative attacks instead of debates."

Are you kidding me? Was Harris awake at all during the Rupublican primary in the 10th? Hackett's hypocrisy is just stunning.

NEPAConseravtive said...

Carney is a moderate ? I'm not sure his voting record or his rhetoric reflects that.

ALL incumbents should be forced to debate their challengers. All this does is give Carney the opportunity to hide behind his handlers.

I mean what is he afraid of anyway ? Seems wimpy to me.

Anonymous said...

ok so now how do you feel with Kanjorski only doing 1 debate???