Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

I'm not. Penn State will open with Coastal Carolina at Noon today and it should be a blowout. I love football but always have mixed emotions when the season starts because it means the end of summer. With all the political news I haven't paid much attention to this year's Nittany Lion team but will catch up with the help of the PennLive PSU blog.
The good news is that Comcast and the Big Ten Network have made a deal so I don't have to wander out to find the game on TV. I'm still thinking about getting a dish but Mrs. G has threatened to strangle me with the all the new wires that would be involved.
A few months ago Comcast told us that to view Turner Classic Movies and Toon Disney we would have to get a box because of a technical problem that forced them to move them to a digital format. When we were on vacation in Delaware both channels were on the basic cable without the need for a box. Somehow I think that that we have been lied to.

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Dana said...

The University of Kentucky Wildcats blew out the University of Louisville Cardnials 27-2 on Sunday; that's all that matters.