Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barletta on the air

America's Mayor has his first TV spot up. It sounds like a Barrack Obama ad.

Change is on the way

Lou Barletta for Congress: Change is on the Way!

I met Mayor Lou over the weekend at the Thompson Street Block Party in Wilkes-Barre.

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Anonymous said...

I was there and the thing that struck me is why the guy showed up wearing a silk shirt and dress pants? Not exactly summer attire.

professor milburn cleaver, opa said...

Mr. Barletta is a man of integrity and ideals; I would argue however, that he is not a man who will do the "chameleon trick" of which so many other politicians are expert at. He is who he is and will not dress down for an event in what would only be a act of patronization to the voters. For far too long we in this nation have focused on the "pop art" aspect of our leaders and have ignored the basic bread and butter issues (i.e. "is he someone I'd like to have a beer with?"). Thankfully, we do not have a so called "suck up" politician in Mr. Barletta. Class dismissed.

Anonymous said...

barletta if a phony if there ever was one. he is a silverspoon sissy

D.B. Echo said...

I thought it was an Obama ad too.

Up to now the Democratic Campaign Committee or whoever they're called were the only ones getting Barletta's name and face out there. Nice that Barletta's decided to join the race. Still, a feelgood commercial isn't much better than being a one-trick pony. How about them issues?

A silk shirt is definitely appropriate summer wear, though not if you're planning on eating any block party food. Ketchup and silk do not go well together.

Michelle D said...

I thought he was pretty casually dressed for a Mayor, but that's just my .02. He was wearing loafers.

Anonymous said...

db....if you haven't watched them Lou Barletta has issue videos posted on Youtube. Paul Kanjorski is getting PAC money because the PACs want things to stay the way they are, and evidently, getting it their way. Look at all the financial PACS that support him. It takes money to run commercials so Lou has taken an alternate route to get his message out.

If you remember Barletta issued a challenge to Congressman Paul Kanjorski to debate him 11 times. So far Kanjorski has not answerwed that challenge. On January 31 WVIA TV ran a segment called the State of Pennsylvania. Bill Kelly, president of WVIA TV was the moderator. Congressmen Carney, Holden, and Kanjorski were interviewed. Kelly asked all three Congressman if they would come back in the fall and debate their opponents. Kanjorski's answer was "Did you say 180 times?" Was he pandering to the audience? I believe so. Otherwise he would have agreed to Barletta's debate challenge even if he altered the number of debates. He has agreed to debate Barletta one time on WVIA, that's it. Is he afraid of his record?

I beleive Congressman Kanjorski doesn't want to debate more because the people will see Barletta is more than a one issue candidate.

If anyone honestly believes being Mayor of Hazleton means Barletta only handles one issue then the belief comes from a naive perspective. The City has to purchase health care for its workers, fuel for its vehicles, tax revenue is based on economic conditions, has utility costs, and so much more. I highlight those issues because they do represent the top ones in this election.

pj the wb lefty said...

OK. Anon 9:26 listed a few much do you wanna bet he loops them back to illegals in his city?
One trick pony.