Friday, August 29, 2008


Every Presidential nomination is a piece of history but this one stands out. For the first time someone who doesn't have the same skin pigmentation as me has been nominated for President. I think that is healthy and will exorcise some demons from our national psyche but it's not why I will vote for Barrack Obama.

Some of my friends make the case better than me.

Another Monkey:

I will not vote for Barack Obama on the basis of the color of his skin. I will not vote for him out of some sense of entitlement, or out of some belief that having him in the White House will somehow balance the scales of our national history of racial inequality...I will vote for Barack Obama because I believe he is the better candidate for the job. I will vote for Barack Obama because I believe he will be the better President, the President we need to help us begin our recovery from what will be an eight year long national nightmare.

Lu Lac:

Finally, someone said out loud that if you disagree with the opposition or find the war in Iraq wrong, that doesn’t mean you are unpatriotic...The Illinois Senator brought up the crucial point that the next President will appoint at least 3 new Justices on the Supreme Court. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court handed over the Presidency to George Bush in 2000, allowing him to steal the office.

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pj the wb lefty said...

All great points. I wonder if McCain had someone else and the success of the Democratic speeches and convention made McCain call a last minute audible...I doubt it but it did cross my mind...