Thursday, August 28, 2008

A few observations about the Democratric Convention

They skipped through the Roll Call of the states with Hillary asking to suspend the rules and make the nomination by acclimation. Nice touch for the party unity thing but I've been watching political conventions all my life and it's my favorite part. I love the corny speeches as the Governor of the state sings the praises of wheat or brags that the hometown team won the championship.

Where the hell was this guy in 2004? If he made a speech like this the last time he would be President. This is the best speech of the convention so far.

John Kerry Speaks at the DNC

Candidate McCain vs. Senator McCain.

"John McCain should finish the debate with himself."

My second favorite moment. Congressman Patrick Murphy is a Kings College grad and a vet of the 82nd Airborne who served in Iraq.

Patrick Murphy Speaking at DNC


David Yonki said...

Gort, Agree 1000% percent. The guy had a fire that if we had seen it in 2004, well there'd only be 1 W Bush term. And on Fox, Mike Dukakis was taking on Sean Hannity and kicking his ass. If voters had seen that guy in 88, things would be different. Dukakis actually apologized on the air for losing the 88 election saying if "I had beaten the old man, no one would've ever heard of his kid!" Kerry and Dukakis, showing their real sides way too late.

Zen said...

Just one question for Mr. Kerry. Why the long face?

Coal Region Voice said...

It's not hard to beat up on Hannity, but I'm glad the "Duke" got his say. McGovern was on C-Span the other day and still has great insight for 86 years old.

pj the wb lefty said...

I am ashamed to admit I laughed at the Kerry face joke. Damn you Zen!