Tuesday, August 05, 2008


A story in yesterday's CV about the latest squabble over campaign contributions in the 11th Congressional district race had this tidbit:

In 1994, Paul DeAngelo was sentenced to 18 months in jail for his role in the Empire drug ring, which operated in the late 1980s. He was released in 1995.

As a government witness in the trial of another ring member, Neal DeAngelo, who was not charged, testified that Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Conahan called him in 1986 to say Paul DeAngelo was doing business with a cocaine dealer who was being investigated. The judge, according to the testimony, offered to put them in touch with a Florida dealer, Neal DeAngelo testified.

Conahan was never charged in the case.

I wasn't aware of this case because I wasn't living in Luzerne County at the time. Conahan is the subject of an FBI investigation involving PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care centers formerly owned by his business partner attorney Robert Powell.

Conahan has also steered over $1 million in county business to his brother-in-law and has lead the witch hunt against Judge Ann Lokuta.


Anonymous said...

a hazelton connection?? ya have to wonder how tight these players are and how much it will hinder lou's meteoric rise

Anonymous said...

The DeAngelo Brothers operating DBI services have over 1000 employees operating out of 34 offices in the United States and 2 offices in Canada. They made a mistake in the late 80s, paid for it, and went on to be very successful businessmen. It is a shame this issue was shopped to the media.

Josh Hamilton made a mistake and went on to a successful career in baseball. He is highlighted on the Major League Baseball website. One caption reads "Rangers All-Star slugger finds redemption on field of dreams." Life is a lesson.

Should we go back over every donor to Paul Kanjorski over his 24 years in Congress to see how their lives have played out?

This issue is and should be a non-topic in Lou's race. What really should matter is why Nancy Pelosi shut out the lights and turn off the microphones in the Halls of Congress refusing to deal with the energy issue facing Americans. The real issue is why Paul Kanjorski let her do that.

Paul Kanjorski took a $4,100.00 pay raise this year while seniors received $288.00 increase from Social Security. He took his pay raise, went on vacation, and is not dealing with the energy issue.

This race is about energy, social security, medicare, healthcare, immigration, the mortgage crisis, education, etc. not these collateral issues designed to take the focus away from what really matters. And both the Republicans and the Democrats have brought us to this junction.

Bush's approval rating may only be 23% but Congress's is only 9%. And Bush is not running for reelection. I can't believe the focus put on Bush when Congress has failed all of us on so many issues at one time. And Congress will have the some of the same people there next year. Can't keep the same people and expect a different result. It is time for a change.

Zen said...

Very well put anon 9:52

Anonymous said...

you may be right on all counts anon 9:52, but did their initial investment come from ill gotten money? if so, did the barletta family receive drug money in exchange for that business.
they do deserve a second chance and i applaud their efforts since, but if barletta profited from drug money I don't want him as my rep. if that is small minded so be it. the mayor's reluctance to return the donation has cost him my vote. i am voting kanjo. for all kanjo's flaws he has not been in bed with drug dealers.

Gort said...

I'm happy to see that the Barletta campaign is reading Gort42.

Thanks anon 9:52 for repeating the talking points that Mayor Lou made on WILK yesterday. You guys should start sending me your press releases.

But the point of my post wasn't to bash Barletta but to call attention to the wild accusation that a sitting Judge was mixed up with drug dealers. Am I the only one that thinks it's odd that a story like that has been ignored?

Anonymous said...

no gort your are not. i also think this will really blow up on both barletta and conahan in a way it may not have if lou wasn't running.... it will probably overshadow that other, as of yet, unspoken rumor about lou

Judge Ann said...

ah anon 3:58, this unspoken rumor you speak of...could it be the one Mr. Mitchell has been fine-tuning and adjusting depending on how it plays to the people he push-polls?

If there was drug money around 20 years ago it would have been seized by now.

Heres another question - will Kanjo return the $2000 he got from Atty. Robert Powell once those indictments come down pre-election?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Conahan will be taking up a new residence this fall, and it's not in Florida...

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late on this... But I know Neal and Paul DeAngelo's company also known as DeAngelo Brothers INC. Did NOT start with drug money. They started at the bottom with a piece of crap truck and lawn mowers they had to fix in order to work. To cut grass. However their business could be as big as it is today because of drug money. But they didn't start it on drug money. They started it with hard work! By the way I'm putting this anonymous cuz of who I am yes. But I can say I cant stand Paul DeAngelo for many reasons and I personally think hes a horrible person who is a selfish, drug addict, alcoholic, adulterer, who hires prostitutes. there for to me is a disgrace to his family and business and the area for which he represents as a "business man". There for I have no reason to stick up for anything, BUT THE TRUTH.