Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pennsylvania 10th CD air war/update

Chris Hackett has released his first 2 general election ads.

New Direction hits pork barrel spending, corporate welfare and oil prices.

Plan is semi bio and decries the raid on Social Security and ends with the tag line "we can do so much better if we have the courage to change." If I remember right "courage to change" was Bill Clinton's mantra in 1992.

From the CV Politics Blog:

Carney's campaign manager Vincent Rongione issued this statement:

"There he goes again ... typical Hackett hypocrisy. Our opponent always inability to tell the truth. He runs against Washington insiders and then has them fund his TV advertising. His ad talks about social security but he is on record favoring privatization and his campaign is bankrolled by a group that called our senior citizens "the most selfish group in America". He talks about taxes and doesn't pay his own. He complains about gas prices while he takes thousands from big oil and personally profits from their price gouging. He talks tough about immigration while hiring illegals at his home and business. Why can't Chris Hackett just keep his word? Whose side is he on? This is political hypocrisy at its worst."

Hackett's spokesman Mark Harris

I think Chris' big this is that Washington is broken, both Republicans and Democrats have failed the people. That is why Chris Hackett believes so strongly on things like earmarks reform. Incumbents are going to be against that.... People talked about gas prices in 2006 and other issues and nothing has been done. On the campaign trail he has heard repeatedly from people that they're sick of Washington."

The big news today is that Chris Hackett landed a speaking spot at the Republican Convention on the first day. He gets 2 minutes on Labor Day at 4PM which you be able to see on C-SPAN. We will see if it's on the cable networks but many people who are watching TV at that time will probably tuned into Oprah or the Jerry Lewis telethon.

This Saturday Minnesota Governor Pawlenty will be at the Dallas HQ. He just might be the VP pick.

Congressman Chris Carney also has 2 new ads up on the air.

Made In America covers gas prices, college costs and wants to keep jobs in America.

Chris Carney Energy that proclaims that he has never taken a dime from the oil companies.

Carney will miss both conventions because he will be on active duty with the Navy.

Congressman Carney has completed training to be a Predator Mission Commander, and will be involved with the Predator and Reaper Missions while on active duty. Carney has served in the Navy Reserves since 1995, and was recently promoted to the rank of Commander this summer.

I've resisted embedding the video of the ads because I'm not sure that anyone actually clicks on them. Tell me if you do. If you want to see the spots Local Values has them all.


Coal Region Voice said...

I like Hackett talking of high gas prices with the huge Dodge trunk in the background. Does he own it? Use it?

Zen said...

What's a Dodge trunk?

Coal Region Voice said...


prsent said...

Although I'm not dismissing the possibility of his owning a truck, I know Hackett to drive a Honda sedan.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Hackett is running against Washington. Funny how he has all the DC insiders coming to the district to support him and he is speaking at the convention. All this while Carney serves his country on active duty and misses his parties convention. If this is the change he is offering he can go back to Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Hackett's running against anything the Toomey tools are telling him to run against.

I'd like to see Hackett try to keep his speech under the allotted two minutes - the man sure likes to hear his voice even if nothing coming out of the mouth is an original idea.

pj the wb lefty said...

I'd like to see Hackett march into a big GOP get together and just threaten Boehner or some other party higher up. "We're gonna clean this up, you hear me? There's a new sherrif in town and I got earmarks in my sights! And if you don't like it Deputy Toomey here would like to have a few words with ya outside..."