Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Thompson Street Block Party

Mark of Wilkes-Barre Online and his neighbors are having their annual blowout on Saturday:

Last call for partiers!
Three days and counting before the first barrel gets tapped, etc., etc., etc.

Since one of it’s extra-terrestrial founders is going to be on hand here on Thompson Street, the secretive Saturday OT Committee and Operatic Society, which has cures-in-waiting for 99% of the world’s many ills, is obviously invited. .
As one of the joint chiefs of the long-running local bloggers (BLOGCOM), I would also like to invite all of my fellow BLOGCOM joint chiefs and underlings. Are you a member of BLOGCOM? Easy, are your archive listings longer than your most recent post? Yeah? Well, there you go, you’re practically a joint chief already.

Personally, I’d like to see every local blogger here on Saturday, because I think it’d be a hoot watching so many people trying to avoid having their pictures taken at the same time. Point….click…mass duck.

See you there.

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Michelle D said...

Mark is on to me! I am usually the photographer because I don't want to be IN the picture. Crap. I need a new strategery for the internets.