Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bush at the Olympics

Making us proud

I can't wait until the tell all books come out in the next few years. There has to be a reason why this guy keeps falling off his bicycle or fails to commit suicide by pretzel.
The National Enquirer had the goods on John Edwards so maybe they are right on this story.
Here is a roundup of recent tabloid stories just for Zen.



Not to mention the countless other occasions when he was sporting a band aid on his forehead. The first time I recall this was during the 2000 election crisis while he was at the ranch. Of course, like McCain's plagiarism, the "Liberal" media would not dare persue a story criticizing one of our knights in the terror war. Oh, but if it was Obama involved in these shenanigans. Bless You All.

Zen said...

Nice "this story" link. Couldn't you find an older one???

Michelle D said...

Did you see the picture of him checking out one of the volleyball girl's butt's? I'll have to find that one and send it to you.

Zen said...

Personally, I don't blame him for that michelle. They are beautiful.