Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another poll in the 10th CD

From a press release:

Clarks Summit, PA—A recent Momentum Analysis poll shows Congressman Carney to be safe from a challenge from businessman Chris Hackett. Carney is more popular than Hackett, and enjoys a 2-to-1 lead over Hackett in the horserace (54-27%).

"These polls confirm what we already know,” said Vincent Rongione, Campaign Manager for Carney for Congress. “Congressman Carney has very strong support across party lines and across the district. We will continue to fight for every vote and focus on the issues that really matter, but it is very encouraging to see that our positive message is connecting with voters in every corner of Northeast and Central Pennsylvania."

A majority of voters (53%) view Congressman Carney favorably (either “very” or “somewhat” favorable), with only 18% viewing him unfavorably (either “very” or “somewhat”). Three times as many (21%) view him “very favorably” as “very unfavorably” (7%). And Carney is popular not just with Democrats (63% favorable, 8% unfavorable) but with Republicans as well (46% favorable, 27% unfavorable).

These results are consistent with polling released in January 2008 by the American Hospital Association, conducted just as Hackett began his advertising for the primary (55% Carney, 21% Hackett). Indeed, these results are also consistent with our October 2006 polling showing Carney with 52% of the vote. Given the incredibly negative Republican primary, statewide and district-wide trends in party registration becoming more Democratic, and Hackett only just resuming his advertising in the last week, it is not surprising to see the horserace largely unchanged.

Momentum Analysis conducted a survey of 400 likely 2008 voters in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District. Interviews were conducted by telephone, August 19-21, 2008.

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