Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Russ Bigus for State Represenative

"I want to be in Harrisburg. I'll do whatever it takes to get there."-Russ Bigus

PolitickerPA has an interview with 117th State Rep District Democratic nominee Russ Bigus. The last time he ran for office he was a Republican candidate in the 20th Senate District primary in 2006, he came in fourth. Since then he switched party's along with his pal Bill Jones.

Chris Borick, a pollster and political science professor at Muhlenberg College in Allentown thinks he has a good chance of winning; "Because he had his roots as a Republican, he might be able to draw some support from across party lines." He also points out that a freshman that had a competitive primary race may be vulnerable. James May gave Karen Boback a good run in the spring but came up short by about 1100 votes out of 7300 cast while Bigus was unopposed for the Democratic nomination and garnered 5665.

Bigus takes some unconventional positions for a Democrat backing the NRA and bashing teacher's strikes and is trying to win over May supporters.

PAPoliticker reporter Dan Hirschhorn tried to get Karen to talk about the race but:

Boback did not return nearly a dozen messages left in July at her district office, her campaign office and her house.

Maybe this constituent has her cell phone number.


christopher concert said...

I for one think Karen Boback has done an outstanding job and should remain in office.

Anonymous said...

Neither one of these candidates is any good. Boback is a liberal who supports the PSEA agenda, spends money for Pittsburgh sports arenas and enjoys the support of the Back Mountain elite who give money to Democrats. Other than her touchy feely good persona, what's there to like?

Bigus is a disgruntled Republican who took his toys and went home crying because no one would pay any attention to him. In past debates it seems that the only knowledge he eschews is guns. He speaks in banalities and platitudes and could put an insomniac to sleep.

I'd say vote Bigus and whittle down Boback at the same time. Maybe in two years we could see a better possibility emerge.

christopher concert said...

Ask Bigus why he was asked to resign from the jOB HE HAD? YES HE WAS asked to leave? hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Could use Russ Bigus's ears as thrust reversers on a jet engine.

Anonymous said...