Friday, April 21, 2006

Bob Casey Blog

Greg at Keystone Politics has started a pro Casey blog with the creative title of Bob Casey Blog. He states his reasons:

So what is this thing, anyway?

Recently I've been a bit dismayed at the lack of information and grassroots support for Bob Casey, who most expect to be the Democratic nominee to challenge Rick Santorum in this fall's election. As the publisher of Keystone Politics, I know how valuable such resources can be for a candidate and his supporters.

The Bob Casey Blog is a place where supporters and voters can learn more about Bob Casey and discuss why we think he's the best choice for Senator this fall.

As always, it's important to hear from you. If you've got something to post on the blog or simply want to send along comments, please e-mail me. Also, if you're a current blogger and would like to contribute on a recurring basis, please contact me and we can get you set up!


LVDem said...

thanks for the plug Gort... I always knew you were a good person. BTW, the check is in the mail... I have no problems admitting to pay offs.

Gort said...

You're welcome LV. I link to Santorum Blog from time to time because I think Alex and the true believers actually do a good job. I'm glad to see a pro Casey site as he is getting clobbered by everybody on both sides. Whoever wins the primary will have my vote. Six more years of Santor-on-dog is not an option. If I link to Dr. Rick I'll link to anyone. Just kidding Rick. Plus I can use the cash.

Greg said...

Thanks, Gort!

Casey is getting clobbered from all sites - the only one who benefits at this point is "Senator Sanitorium"

Austin said...

Santorum is benefiting? False. His approval/disaproval numbers have held steady. The only difference in the hypothetical matchup between Casey and Santorum is that more people are becoming aware of Casey's conservative views.

Doctor Rick said...


A Big Fat Slob said...

If Casey gets clobbered the ones who benefit are the Democrats in Pennsylvania.

Casey has managed to parlay a 22-point lead over Santorum into a sub-50% support with an 8 point lead. Remarkably, Casey's favorables are nearly the same as Santorums.

If we want to beat Santorum in November, we have to jettison Casey on May 16 and nominate a REAL Democrat, like Chuck Pennacchio (

Anonymous said...

We can't make the same mistake we made with the presidential race in '04. Casey's the only one with a chance, lets get together and support anyone other than Santorum.