Sunday, January 27, 2008

10th CD debate

I just learned that there will be a debate at Susquehanna University on February 27th with all the Republican Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District candidates. I'm looking foward to this event and hope to worm my way into being a panelist in one of the later one's.

The candidates are:

Davis Haire

Paul Swiderski

Chris Hackett

Dan Meuser

So far.

Meet the candidate:

Chris Hackett tells me he doesn't have anything scheduled this week and Dan Meuser had a few events this pass week but I don't know what is coming up because he doesn't put his schedule on the website and I'm waiting for Haire to get back to me.

Paul Swiderski has a busy schedule:

He speaks to the Susquehanna U Republicans on January 29, 2008 9:30 PM

And he will be tasting some wine in Laceyville

Note to all campaigns. Send me your candidate's schedule and I will be happy to tell my readers where to find your guy/gal.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it will be interested in hearin the big debate. I know that Dan Meuser has among the most impressive credentials and has served as an advocate for disabled Americans, so he should do very well. But someone of his stature doesn't need li'l ol' me tooting his horn!

Big Dan said...

I heard Hackett on Corbett a few weeks ago, and Corbett asked Hackett questions on birth control, and it sounded like his achille's heel...he sort of had a meltdown, he blanked out, stuttering, not answering the question. Is he some kind of religious right guy or something?

Anonymous said...

Yah dan has impressive credentials and a staunch advocate for disabled Americans... as long as he's making a big buck off the U. S. taxpayer. Get you head out of your ass!

NEPAExpat said...


Ease up on advocating Dan Meuser for canonization. If he didn't make money off of these people, I doubt his advocacy would be so strong. That's like saying Angelo Mozillo is an advocate of people who can't pay their mortgages on time because they fudged the loan application.

Seriously, if the Republicans were serious about winning they would be pounding the pavement to have a series of debates on television. Unfortunately, Chris Hackett looks to be out of Ed Wood's central casting and according to some posters, Dan Meuser is susceptible to melting down if caught off guard. Too bad, it would have been a cheap way to get publicity for the candidates without having to dig into their substantial war chests.

Instead, we get free commercials for Chris Carney on WVIA.

Gort said...


You may get your wish. Several debates are in the works including at least one on WVIA. I let you know the details when I nail them down.

Big Dan,

I didn't hear the Corbett interview with Hackett. I interviewed him a few months ago and found him to be articulate. That said, I've caught more than one politician off guard with a question they weren't expecting.

I like your blog but I can't find an email address for you so toss me one. My address is in my profile.

NEPAExpat said...


If Hackett is articulate, he should rip to pieces whomever cleared that stiff commercial for takeoff.
Regardless of the small pokes I have made at Dan Meuser, there's no way Hackett can present a definitive advantage over the status quo.
Meuser has an outside chance if he decides to stop drinking the Kool Aid from the altar of Bushonomics.