Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney has new message

I just watched Romney's victory speech and now he saying he is the Washington outsider and his win has the lobbyist worried. He used to be the liberal Governor (he regularly insults the state) and Senate candidate of the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, before that he was the successful businessman who rescued the Olympics in Utah and made a fortune in high finance.
To atone for his Bay State sins like being pro-choice and gay friendly he kissed the ass of the bible thumpers disavowing almost everything he ever stood for but they still don't like a Mormon.
That didn't work so he started running to be the Governor of Michigan saying he will rescue the auto industry invoking the memory of his father, George Romney, who was the chairman of American Motors Corporation and a Michigan Governor. His dad was running for President in 1968 when he said something about being brainwashed about Vietnam that ended his candidacy.
After the New Hampshire primary he started billing himself as the change candidate copying the Obama message, who knows what next week will bring. I think if he turns his hair dryer on high his head will melt.


Michelle D said...


Wasn't his father involved somehow with determining funding for victims of Hurricane Agnes?

D.B. Echo said...

I heard Romney has just reserved a lot of time in a tanning booth.

...because, you know, he's all about change...

...and he wants to be the Republican Obama...

...and he's already flip-flopped on every other aspect of his life, so why not on skin color, too?

Every time I hear his name, I think it's German for "With Romney."

Gort said...


George Romney was Secretary of HUD at the time. It was the agency that provided all those mobile homes.