Sunday, April 13, 2008

117th State Rep debate not set

I think this mailer (above) is pretty funny. It was the first of 3 0r 4 from Karen Boback that says her opponent is running a dirty campaign. Unless I missed something I haven't seen or heard a personal attack by James May on his opponent, he has been slamming her on issues but has never questioned her integrity. Her ads in the papers have been positive touting her endorsements from Lisa Baker, Charlie Lemmond and a bunch of Republican groups but the direct mail has not been so positive. I understand why she is worried after winning the 2006 primary by 108 votes taking only 25% in a crowded race.

The CV and the TL have rundowns of the race today.

Some choice quotes:

“There are times when you see her standing with the most liberal Republicans siding with the Democrats,” May said.

“I am proud of every one of my votes,” Boback said. “I vote my constituency. I vote my district. Health care is not a partisan issue.”

“I am a less-government, less-tax, less-spending conservative,” May said. “Rep. Boback is on the side of big government, big spending with (Gov.) Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton.”

The goal is to find real solutions to teachers strikes and the negotiating process,” she said. “Having been a teacher, I know children need regular schedules to be able to learn.”Boback said her legislation is supported by the Pennsylvania School Board Association.“It’s a common-sense solution to a problem that affects us all. It would be fair and equitable to everyone involved,” she said.

“I think it’s important to always point out there already a lot of professions that are not allowed to go on strike … doctors, firefighters, police officers, paramedics,” May said.

The only time you go negative in an election is when you think you are behind or you are just plain stupid. In the 2006 10th CD Republican primary Don Sherwood sent out a mailer attacking Kathy Scott by name when most people didn't even know he had an opponent. That was stupid.

Karen Boback is well educated person who is very sharp so she must be worried. She has refused to debate her opponent so far citing her tight schedule. May has said he will meet her anytime, anywhere.
Below we see Boback debating dairy issues with some constituents.


Politicker said...
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Anonymous said...

Karen said she is so proud of her record, Yet she won't debate. She had the time to go on Friday to the Wyoming County Republican Dinner, on Sunday to the Luzerne County Republican Dinner. She claims to be the peoples's advocate, for $200 you can see her. I have yet to see her out. I wasn't invited. If you ever get the chance, do a google search with her name and open records or Pro-Homesexual Foster Bill or Philadelphia Gay News. See what you get. If she is proud of those votes like she says, i am amazed. She crossed over party lines and voted with the liberals like Mundy, Eachus. At least she is happy in the picture with her constituents.

Anonymous said...

Paging Dr. Boback Paging Dr. Boback, you said quote " I vote my constituency". what the hell does that mean I don't want state run health care i want to live a long life and i won't if the state controls my health. Paging Dr. Boback Paging Dr. Boback are you there Dr. Boback, Hi this is Liz Sichler Dr Boback can't debate oops i mean her schedule is to busy to see any patients try again later or i can help if you need someone thrown of the ballot

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE! This is one of the best blog posts bad the main stream media doesn't report as honestly as you do, Gort.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on former model, can't debate? Why not, gonna cry?

Show your weenie library auction folks how you handle things

Anonymous said...

And I heard James May showed up late for the dinner Friday night too.

I didn't know that night was one of the nights the league of women voters suggested.

And since when was $200 high priced? You must not get too many fundraising invitations.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm rubber and you're glue...

Boback's folks are getting really desperate (see above). This is like watching a local version of the Hillary Clinton implosion.

The inside scoop is that one of her own committee members cornered May last week and pledged his/her vote! That's shows where this election is going next Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

This whole concept of negative campaigning is really silly. If you point out where someone disagrees on issues it's negative campaigning?

Really now, how can you point out why someone should vote for you, if you can't point out how you would be different than the person you are running against.

If you say something that is not true, or ask questions like "Have you stopped beating your wife (or husband)?" than maybe we are looking at negative campaigning.

Probably the best example of negative campaigning occurs in the comment sections of these blogs, when people drop accusations with no facts to back them up.

You can't argue the fact that Karen Boback won't debate, or her voting record. You could argue her reasons for voting, and then the voter can decide which argument is more credible.

I have been watching these races pretty closely and have yet to to see much in the way of negative campaigning EXCEPT on the comments sections of the blogs (and the accusations of negative campaigning by the candidates themselves, which is, in and of itself, a form of negative campaigning!).

If it's true and relevant, and you can back it up, lets hear it, but keep your insinuations, gossip and whisper campaigns to yourself!

Anonymous said...

It's apparent to me that there are plenty of jealous people out there who simply can't stand the fact that a woman can be both intelligent AND beautiful. Calling Dr. Boback a 'cry-baby'? Every time I forget what third grade was like, all I have to do is glance at some of the postings on this blog. Let's face it, folks: the cream rises to the top. Karen Boback is a class act: she's out there, WITH her constituents,listening to their problems,and has really made a positive impression her first term in Harrisburg. She has introduced legislation, and let's not forget she's the only representative who refused her salary increase. She's genuine, honest, and if she "went after" her opponent by using any facts that he doesn't want to admit to, too bad. Boo-hoo. The afternoon host on WILK can yell & scream all he wants (a little Xanax, Steve?), but she's just too classy a lady to stoop to his level. She's too busy helping the people of the 117th district. Mr. M.: take out your Bible and quote me where it says "Thou shalt lie (and with hold the truth) in order to make your point.
Remember, after next Tuesday, YOU have to live with everything you've said and done.
God is watching you, James...and I don't think he's real proud of you right now.

Anonymous said...

I'd still love to see one instance where James May lied. This smoke in mirrors from the Boback camp is getting rediculous. He's hitting her on ISSUES, but everything he has put out so far is based on votes she made, newsletters she sent, or quotes in the paper.

I challenge the anonymous "prophet" above to cite one case where Mr. May has lied. I can give you four or five cases where Karen has...