Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meuser camp responds

Yesterday the PA Democratic Party said companies owned by Chris Hacket and Dan Meuser failed to pay some taxes. In the interest of being fair and balanced I invited both campaigns to respond.

From Dan Meuser's spokesman:

“It’s no surprise that Chris Carney would try this on his favorite Holiday.The fact is Pride's leadership and employees pay millions of dollars every year in federal, state, and local taxes and pump tens of millions of dollars into the local economy through employment and purchasing. What working families are concerned about is Chris Carney's repeated votes to support raising their taxes, including voting for legislation that would cost the average Pennsylvania family more than $3,000 every year.” (HR212)

Carney Repeatedly Votes to Increase Taxes on Working Families and Small Business: Carney voted for the largest tax increase ever, supporting a devastating$683 billion tax increase, tens of billions of dollars in new wasteful Washington spending and rejecting any reform to solve our nation's entitlement crisis. (House Roll Call 141)

Carney voted in lock-step with his liberal Democrat leaders to kill a motion that would have permanently eliminated the onerous marriage penalty and extended the $1,000 child tax credit. (House Roll Call 83)

Voted to raid the wallets of the middle class, saddling taxpayers with a$400 billion tax hike -- the largest tax increase in American history. Voted to reinstate the marriage penalty, resurrect the death tax, and eliminate the child tax credit. (House Roll Call 212)

Carney showed a commitment to raising taxes immediately after being sworn-in: His first vote elected Pelosi Speaker and his second vote made it easier to impose massive tax hikes on the American people. (House Roll Call4)Also within the first 15 days of Democrat-control of Congress, he sided with his liberal leadership, voting for a $6.5 billion tax hike -- the first tax increase in 13 years. (House Roll Call 40)

As the Wall Street Journal put it: "This is a lengthy, complicated bill, but the central idea is simple:Raise taxes..." (1/16/07)

Carney lined up once again with the Democrat Leadership to make it easier to raise taxes on the American people. He voted against a motion which would have prevented the IRS from implementing or collecting any new tax increases that the Democrats try to pass. (House Roll Call 605)

Carney voted to impose another massive tax increase at the expense of America's hard-working farmers, threatening the jobs of more than 5 million American workers. (House Roll Call 746)

Carney voted to impose a hefty tax increase on tobacco, which will severely burden low-income families and tobacco farmers. (House Roll Call 787)

In yet another example of Carney's commitment to increase taxes on hard-working Americans, Carney voted to allow yet another tax increase on homeowners. (House Roll Call 947)

Carney refused to permanently repeal the onerous Death Tax, in effect voting for a $1.35 trillion tax hike. Carney vote seriously jeopardizes family-owned business and farms, and destroys any hope for hard-working families to pass their livelihood onto future generations. (House Roll Call959)

Carney voted for a down payment on the "Mother of All Tax Hikes" when he supported the Democrats' package for $72 billion in tax increases. (House Roll Call 1081)

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