Thursday, April 17, 2008

Billionaire Boys Club

CV: Dan Meuser has loaned his campaign committee more than $1.5 million in his bid for the Republican nomination, nearly twice the amount his opponent Chris Hackett has donated his own committee, according to Federal Election Committee reports.The winner of Tuesday’s primary will face incumbent Chris Carney, D-Dimock Township, who is unopposed in the primary. Meuser donated another $90,000 to his committee Tuesday for a total of $1,514,600 so far, FEC reports show. Hackett loaned his campaign committee $50,000 Wednesday, according to FEC reports, and has now given his committee $792,300 to date.

As I'm constantly reminded the government doesn't create jobs businesses do. Like every politician these guys promise to bring "good paying jobs" to the district. Imagine how many jobs could have been created if that $2.3 million had been used as seed money for small business start ups.

Hackett has stopped posting his ads on the website, much to my chagrin, but Meuser has posted all of his. Here is his latest positive ad :

Vote Dan Meuser On Tuesday April 22nd


kar said...

Dan committed to run a positive issue oriented campaign, he even signed a pledge affirming that promise.

Unfortunately Hackett in desperation unleashed an ever increasing series of vicious attacks. These attacks were not limited to Dan, but included attacks on the integrity and ethics of Pride Mobility.

In addition to being untrue or inaccurate these attacks were also stunningly irresponsible.

Hackett claims to be a community leader, one who touts his work with various organizations including the Chamber, these attacks are not what you would expect from a person in such a position.

Chris will still have to live in this community after he loses on tuesday, he is going to have to mend a lot of fences.

Kind of ironic, mending fences will give him an opportunity to put that barn jacket to some good use.

Gort, thank you for the use of the forum these last eight months, and I look forward to some interesting exchanges leading up to the general in November.

Ciao y'all.

Scott said...

Yes, I keep receiving those positive pieces from Meuser in the mail, NOT! And as I was watching the news last night, all Dan's commercials were positive, NOT!

Fact of the matter is, starting from his very announcement that he was going to run a positive campaign, all I have seen were negative pieces from Meuser. He even went negative in the press release that said he wasn't going negative. Please spare us the sanctimony.

The worst is his "Social Security-scare" piece, which pulls a play right out of the democrat handbook and try's to scare seniors into thinking they will lose their social security if they vote for Hackett. Meuser knows that's not true, but runs it anyway.

If you want to see and hear the details on the issues, watch the debate on WVIA or look at this voters guide I found from the Susquehanna Valley Moral Issues Coalition No fluff, just the stuff to help the voter make up their mind...

kar said...

Moral issues coalition, that's perfect.

Scott, what are you going to do with your pitch fork and torch after Hackett loses the primary?

Adios amigo.

Anonymous said...

I checked out their websites this morning after I got a negative mailer from Hackett detailing "all" of the Meuser liberal donations.

Hackett has his political contribution comparison showing he only gave one to Skrep, and Meuser had several. Where was the Republican candidate contribution comparison? Or has Chris only contributed to himself now that he's a RINO?

Anonymous said...

fools and their money are soon parted...

Chris from Scranton said...

Okay, I work for Pride Mobility and I'm VERY pissed that Hackett has been hammering on Pride like we're some kind of shady operation. Fact of the matter is, they have been one of the top places to work in PA for a reason for so many years.
They have an employee hardship program. If anyone falls on tough times because of unplanned events they help them out.
They have a picnic every summer for the families and a Christmas party and different holiday parties for the children. How many employee parties does One Source have??
Who does Chris Hackett think he is to try and shame the employees and their families who work at Pride?
I hope he get's banned from any participation with the chamber of commerce since he's attacked one of the areas biggest companies just for his own personal gain.
Scott, I don't know where you work but regardless of your political views about Dan or Chris I'm sure if you liked the company you worked for you wouldn't like them getting attacked with half truths and lies.

Bob Kelly said...

Hackett's just gone way too far with his latest ads. We all went through all of that crap last fall and it was all explained. Plus, it's not against Dan. It's against Pride. Hackett's going to help bring in business by trying to destroy the credibility of one of the biggest in NEPA?????

Anonymous said...

You don't think meuser and pride are arrogant elitist scum? Look at all the fines and admitted charges. What really pisses me off is the fact that my tax dollars make this pretty boy rich while he gives the money back to rangel, hillary, and fast eddie. What a worthless piece of shit!

Yah a real conservative if you ask me.

No dog in the fight

Anonymous said...

Listen to Meusers apologist has been and wannabe groupies in their lastest radio ads. Has been, weak in the knees, social gospel preacher 'Chuck' Gommer, Senile Charlie Lemmond who never did a damn thing except take care of his cronies, Nobody, deer in the headlights Dan Naylor (now Mericle flunky, Who the hell cares, spoiled rich brat Jack Sordoni and the other boring crowd with their tongues waging. By the way, where are the drunken and obnoxious Flack boys?

Anonymous said...

Flack Boy says ,

I am at home with my family .. Sorry to report that I don't drink...

NEPAExpat said...

Keep the ads coming.

The money spent in this campaign is the ultimate test of supply side economics. If the millions are being spent on local companies, the media centers should create thousands of jobs as a result of applied trickle-down economics.

Otherwise, if the $5 million spent between now and November doesn't have a measurable improvement in the local economy, can we just say once and for all that the supply-side ideology applied in the last 25 years failed?

Trickle Down Theory should only be analogous to R. Kelly court proceedings.

Anonymous said...

the reason pride is fair game is because meuser has made pride his entire platform, which as a business owner is extremely irresponsible, but who really cares. Rangle, Clinton, Rendell, Kanjo and other dems got their own to run on the republican side so that carney can keep his seat

pj the wb lefty said...

Win or lose, someone tell me how Hackett mends his many fences that will need mending...