Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alan Keyes in Hazleton today

Former and soon to be Presidential candidate Alan Keyes will be making an announcement at Best Western Genetti Inn in Hazleton, PA at 8:30Pm. Keyes said he will reveal his reasons for departing the GOP and pursuing the Constitution Party nomination for President. The event will be video-streamed live at Keyes' website, http://www.alankeyes.com/.

Congratulations to Mayor Lou Barletta for his success in attracting a Presidential candidate to Hazleton to address the illegal immigration issue. John McCain had previously declined his invitation, Barrack Obama is still busy trying to get a bitter taste out of his mouth and a 3AM phone call to Hillary Clinton went unanswered. Aides said she didn't hear it ringing because she was sleeping off the effects of a few shots and beers.


Dana said...

John McCain wasn't my first choice for the Republican nomination, and I had considered voting for the Constitution Party nominee in November if it was obvious that the GOP nominee had no chance in the Keystone State. I did vote for Constitution Party Senate candidate John Clymer in 2004.

But the list of guys running for their nomination was so far out that it's difficult to see them as a valid protest vote this year. It was difficult to see the contribution Mr Keyes made to the 2004 Senate campaign in Illinois, as a carpetbag candidate.

Big Dan said...

Shocking news! Black Republican spotted in Hazleton! Even MORE shocking news: there's a black Republican! Did you know there are ZERO black Republicans in congress? FACT!