Thursday, April 10, 2008

Karen Boback calls James May a liar

The Pennsylvania 117th State House Republican primary has heated up. A few weeks ago freshman incumbent Karen Boback had a $200 a pop fund raiser at a supporter's house and challenger James May countered with a $2 a plate dinner of hot dogs and burgers for his backers. I don't know where he got the the idea but I thought it was a brilliant contrast. They even had somebody in a duck outfit that attended both events to call attention to Boback's refusal to debate him.

On the front page of her website Boback rips into her opponent.

James May is running a campaign of lies! Enough is enough!

May's Lies: May says Representative Karen Boback inserted controversial words into House Bill 302. May is lying.

The FACTS: Representative Karen Boback voted on the floor of the House of Representatives to REMOVE the words "sexual orientation" from this legislation. (HB302, 6/11/2007)

May's Lies: May says Representative Karen Boback is for teacher strikes. May is lying.

The FACTS: Representative Karen Boback wrote legislation to prevent teacher strikes. Today her legislation is supported by the PA School Board Association. (HR562, 1/23/2008)

May's Lies: May says Representative Karen Boback voted against open records.May is lying.

The FACTS: Representative Karen Boback proudly voted for Pennsylvania's new Open Records Law - just like she promised. (SB1, 2/11/2008)

More charges are here.

The May campaign responds with this Press Release:

Is Karen Boback Acting Like Hillary Clinton By Misspeaking to Voters or Does She Not Understand the Legislative Process?

May Calls on Incumbent To Be Honest With Voters on Teacher Strike Issue

Today James May, Republican candidate for State Representative, criticized State Representative Karen Boback for trying to mislead voters regarding her so-called opposition to teacher strikes. May called upon the incumbent to tell voters the truth.

In both an electronic call to voters today and a newspaper ad, Boback claims to be for a “resolution” for ending teachers strikes. There are several major problems with her statement. First, a resolution is not a bill. It cannot become law nor change our laws. It is worthless document with no teeth. Second, the resolution she supports is a mere study for considering to end teacher strikes. It does not call for an end to the strike!

“Either the incumbent does not understand the basic difference between a resolution and a bill or she is trying to mislead voters,” stated May. “If she does not understand the legislative process may be she should go back to the classroom to learn. On the other hand if she is attempting to mislead voters, which I suspect, shame on her.”

May strongly believes that Boback is trying to mislead voters in the same style of Hillary Clinton. Boback has refused to debate May, but has been available for fundraising in the district.

“She has time to hold high-dollar fundraisers in the district, but no time to debate. I think we can do better than a person who hides behind misleading advertising and refuses to defend her liberal record. Clearly she is in the back pocket of the teachers union and the facts are not on her side,” said May.

May has pledged to work to pass legislation, not a phony resolution, to end teacher strikes. “As a father, I don’t want my children’s education jeopardized by a union,” added May.

Meet the candidate

Friends of Karen Boback announce that the first April work session for all volunteers will be held at Campaign Headquarters on Thursday, April 10 at 7:00 PM. Supporters are invited to attend. Campaign volunteer work schedules will be confirmed as well as distribution of campaign related materials. Light refreshments. Friends of Karen Boback headquarters is located at 217 Memorial Hwy, Route 309, Dallas, 1/8 mile south of Dallas Shopping Center on the same side of the highway.

MEET AND GREET with James May Conservative Candidate for the 117 District

When: Thursday April 10th

Where: Grotto Harvey's Lake

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Food and Drinks will be provided by the Friends of James May


Anonymous said...

Calling someone a liar when the facts are not on your side are wrong. Calling an Iraq War Veteran a liar is completely wrong. James has received the National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Army Commendation Medal. I don't believe you get medals for being a liar. For you to stoop to this level shows the type of politican that you are. Running from the facts. I am calling all of my Veteran buddies and letting them know about this. This is Sad.

Anonymous said...

Karen Boback really needs to step up to the plate and debate James May. If she is so convinced that he is a liar then why doesn't she have the guts to say it to his face.

Forrest Gump said...

Gort 42 was just mentioned by James May's campaign manager on the Sue Henry show on WILK. Congrats GORT. The more exposure the better.

Anonymous said...

The new open records law is junk and doesn't nearly go far enough.

Anonymous said...

I received another negative flyer from Rep Boback today. It's kinda funny that she is saying that James May is negative. I have yet to receive a flyer from him calling her a liar.

Anonymous said...

My brother is in Iraq and i gotta say that this is total crap. Rep bobak shold debate James May since she wants to be our rep. But, to not debate an Iraq War Veteran - and then to call him a liar is an absolute insult to veterans from every war.

shame on you karen boback

Anonymous said...

Notice Dr. Pretty in Pink addresses these issues and claims in rather fuzzy and banal terms rather than being specific and articulate... but then again, that's what liberals do best

Anonymous said...

Calling someone a liar is entirely separate from being an Iraq War veteran. He is altering the facts. He is not telling the truth, hence he is lying. I guess we can't question the government without being patriotic...

Anonymous said...

What facts is he altering. You seem alot like care, you lips are moving, no substance. Thats why a debate would be great. She can then prove "hence he is lying". One thing, James is not YET a part of the government, Karen is and I as a taxpayer would love to hear why she voted for a stadium in Pittsburgh instead of giving me the property tax relief she claim she voted for. Lastly, she claims she is pro-veterans, she will have her picture taken for her website but she won't debate a veteran. That is unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she would have gladly debated a veteran had the League of Women Voters offered days when the House was not in session. ALmost seems like Mr. May went online, looked at the house calendar and told the LOWV those were the days he was available.

If she had skipped out on votes to come home for a debate, the May camp would have said she wasn't there for key votes. Are there any more candidates out there dumb enough to get advice from Birmelin and Madeira?

Mr. May - I appreciate your service just like I appreciate the service of Senators McCain and Kerry. Doesn't give you the right to twist the facts and distort another Republican's record for your own personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Distraction, distractions. Even the TL Editors agree, Karen Boback has enough time to debate him. Come on, you mean to tell me she cannot find 2 hrs in her day, but Hillary and Barrack can, Hackett and Mueser can, etc. Hiding behind the "legistative schedule" is a sham. She could 1) drive up from Harrisburg after votes, 2) agree to a debate on a weekend, or 3) schedule a debate following her $200 a plate fundraise last week. This is just a pathetic excuse from a poor debater with an even poorer voting record.

Anonymous said...

I understand Mr. May prefers Home-schooling his children. How on earth can he possibly be fair when it comes to a position on teacher's strikes & unions? He has no right to attack Dr. Boback on this issue. He's been keeping this important fact from the voters of the 117th district. What else are you hiding, Mr. May? And where does you wife ("I married a teacher") work? How does her school district (if there IS one) feel about her husband attacking the teacher's union situation?
It's time to come clean. And have you asked yourself: is this the kind of behavior God would want you to perpetuate? And to the voters of the 117th district: is the this the quality and (lack of ) integrity you really want to see in your representative? Do you even have a pleasant, fair side?
What does the Bible say to that, Mr. May???

may_supporter said...

Wow! I'm laughing out loud at where the Boback camp is digging to try to find dirt on May! "Attacks" like the comment above don't even make SENSE anymore. Boback is running one desperate campaign, and they know they're in for trouble next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

You are correct...James May HAS been hiding the fact that his children are homeschooled. I even heard that he keeps his children in the attic of his barn, just so no one will ever know. (They play up there with Rick Santorum's kids).

Note to Boback and Sichler: bringing May's young children into it goes way, way beyond normal behavior, even for a political campaign. You are demonstrating all the marks of a desparate, imploding campaign. PA Club for Growth, PA Right to Work, Conservative Reform Network, Young Conservatives of PA...all are betting big money on James May winning this thing. I'm guessing that you all have the same poll numbers that they do which is why you are now going after his kids. ABSOLUTELY SICK BEHAVIOR!