Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Other results

It looks like Chris Hackett won the Republican nomination in the 10th CD.

PA Dept of State:

33,091 52.3%

30,177 47.7%

What is interesting is that Carney got more votes in the Democratic primary than both of them put together in the GOP contest.

69,067 100.0%

In the 117th and 118th state rep districts it looks like the challengers came up short;

117th Republiccan primary

3,126 42.5%

4,233 57.5%

118th Democractic primary

9,378 81.1%

2,192 18.9%


Anonymous said...

how many lay-offs to cover that huge investment from meuser will occur??

Anonymous said...

according to wnep as of 5am meuser still has not conceded. money can not buy class.



Anonymous said...

And here I was afraid that the multitudes who don't know Dan Meuser personally wouldn't be able to see through his slick (perhaps a little too slick?) facade. My faith in humanity is restored!

It may seem like a slim margin of victory for Mr. Hackett, but considering the fact that Dan Meuser had the backing of the local Republican "machine" and high-profile endorsements, there should have been no contest for him.

Anonymous said...

since the friday gang of four has given to dems in the past, will they plus meuser now support carney. they don't really to seem to have any party allegiance.

mean old man said...


Forrest Gump said...

Meuser went into the election with a 10 point lead according to pre-election polls. It is evident that Sordoni, the Flacks, Medico, etc... blew it for Meuser. Anybody can see that. Had they come out with the pro-choice issue earlier in the campaign, it may have helped. The Friday before election day was a desperate attempt to put a stake in Hackett's heart. Fortunately, the enlightened voters of NEPA saw through this attempt. All of that said, I don't think Hackett has a chance against Carney. And if Carney is smart he won't publicly accept the support of the "Friday gang".

Anonymous said...

I have a nice warm dish of crow for the Flacks, Sordoni, and my friend KAR (nothing but love for ya KAR)
I also agree with Forrest that the "big men" of the Valley sunk the boat for Meuser, and for that I'm thankful. Swim ashore boys, swim ashore.

~Sassy Fox

Eddy, the Angry Republican said...

I didn't like Hackett or Meuser but I am glad to see that the machine was beaten. Hackett gave me a little hope that one day the party leadership will once again become in touch with the voters.

Anonymous said...

Meuser finally conceded this morning according to the cv.

I guess all the hatred spewed my folks like KAR and the Nixonian 11th hour dirty tricks did him in....


Coal Region Voice said...

1.8 million doesn't go to far anymore!!!!!

Anonymous said...

KAR cost Meuser my vote.

Anonymous said...

KAR 54 where are you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Well Hackett and his lies (i'm not sure he didn't say he was pro choice) has cost the Republicans my vote - There is no way I wowuld vote for him or that Madeira crowd. GO Carney!

Anonymous said...

The 'You lie and I'll swear to it gang' lost their chance to buy influence in DC and now cannot get past Harrisburg.

Fat slob Rusty is reaching for the Jack Daniels.

Anonymous said...

bye bye federal contracts.....

where is that loud mouth bragging KAR. probably gonna get laid off when the jobs start getting outsourced so Dan can make back his money he pissed into the wind...

kar said...

Congratulations all, it was a hard fought campaign.

Sassy enjoy the next 6 months, these last 8 months have been the hardest most enjoyable job a person could ask for, best of luck.

I will miss the banter, back to a boring middle aged life style.

Ciao, adios, aloha


Anonymous said...

thank god an ahole like you is gone. it was you and ur ilk that helped mueser drop into the abyss.

gort wrote earlier that meuser should have fired his advisors, they should've listened to him

Anonymous said...

It's easy to jump on the bandwagon and bash KAR, but his role really did backfire and hurt Meuser. Voters want honest conversations and KAR as a clear propaganda tool defeated Meuser in his efforts to convince us that he isn't as bad as the commercials said. I really think that tactics like KAR created a backlash against Meuser. I guess candidates need to be careful who works for them.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed that the Hackett (Hatchet) team was successful with all their dirty politicking. This election truly disillusioned me. I don't think I can support Hackett in the general. The man's character is sorely lacking.

Anonymous said...

Hon, here's a tip from someone who knows... Dan Meuser's character is nothing to rave about either.

Hey, Kevin/kar: Adios, valiant effort, I know you didn't believe a word of that tripe you were spewing, and I hope that when Dan and Scott's first "who's to blame for this" post-mortem round-up takes place, you get to keep your job at Pride. If not, try to retrieve what's left of your manhood and realize there are some wonderful employers out here.

Eddy, the Angry Republican said...

To quote KAR:

He was a distraction at best.

Bob Kelly said...

I'm laughing my ass off with all the anons dissing KAR. First of all, you bunch of jagoffs, Hackett burned so many bridges with all of his attacks, there's no way in Hell he's going to win in November. It's funny to see you people who know nothing about how politcs work spout your opinions and attack people who feel differently than you. The Republican party in the 10th is split. The vote wasn't a mandate. Get it?? Looks like a walk in the park for Carney.

D.B. Echo said...

Hey, we still have two days to vote on the Hackett/Meuser poll on the sidebar!

I really thought Meuser would win. Not that I cared much, since as far as I could tell they were nearly identical game-show host robot millionaires, either of whom would go down in flames vs. Carney in November. But I though Meuser had the prettier image, and the slicker and more effective ads. But I guess they weren't enough.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the insight bob, i am sure you are right on the money about november, considering how well your prognostication was concerning the primary. you have the nerve to call others names. you are a dick

Anonymous said...

bob kelly, I have a feeling you may, in fact, be "laughing your ass off", but it's a crazed, desperate, scary kind of laugh, know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Hey - Patsy - you picked the wrong horse this time!!! Take your dirty money bag and go back to Harrisburg...

pj the wb lefty said...

Alright that the most hotly contested race is over, and the name calling is done (I actually got a kick out of a lot of what KAR least he had a sense of humor), will one of you Hackett lovers tell me how he doesn't get his ass kicked in the fall by Carney? Anon 5:23 said we wanted honest conversation...would you honestly say that's what came out here from Hackett? Gort's point is well taken...Carney got more votes than Meuser and Hackett combined. Looks like Kanjo in my 11th and Carney to the North keep this part of the state a nice shade of blue. Bob Kelly's point is also well taken...Hackett's Shermanesque march to the sea (or the Susquehanna River) is gonna be tough for him to recover from. Hackett knows nothing but earmark reform...mayor Lou knows nothing but illegal immigration...boring fall elections are sure to follow.

Anonymous said...

Anon's I'm going to do something here that I never you all as a whole. Since it would take forever for me to one by one call you out. (Even though I think some of you are the same person).

KAR had an opinion, and get this we are all allowed to have them. Shocking I know. So, knock off the grade school bullshit and be a bigger person, KAR is. So, he picked the loser so what! He picked his guy and he didn't win, but he stood by him through thick and thin and I think that says a lot about a person. Blessed be he disagreed, we need more of that and less "yes" men/women, something the Valley is so full of.

KAR did something on this blog, he made you think...he pissed you off, made you shake with anger, or laugh with shock. Whatever he did he gave fully to the notion of what a policial race should be, a mixing of ideas and beliefs.

If you want to blame anyone for Meuser's loss, blame Meuser. The guy had a poor presence, he couldn't link a sentence in any speech I heard and was as stiff as a shirt from the cleaners. But what put a cap in his arse was getting "support" from some very well known, very rich friends who many people in the Valley don't like at the last minute. It stank. Also pouring in a million of your own money during what is becoming tough times for many Americans, just doesn't look good to your avg Joe trying to make ends meet.

And as for Hackett's character, you anon 5:25 are so full of **IT your eyes are brown.
Both these men played the game of what is politics, like it or not it's what it is. From our first election, nasty words have been thrown...ok not maybe with Washington- - people really loved him - -but beyond that it's always been a place for nasty words and in between some truth.

We are blessed to have not only this forum but to have the abiltiy to voice our opinion, place our vote, live our lives. Be thankful for the KAR's, The Bob Kelly's, Forrest Gump, Grumpy old men, Liberal folks, ten million Anon's, and whomever it takes to keep people passionate about their goverment.

Because when we loose that passion...that's the race we all lose.

~Sassy Fox

Anonymous said...

wow - how could Hackett win after credible (not) liars like Rusty Flack and Jack Sordoni said he was performing abortions in his campaign headquarters??? Why didn't Brian Brain Grove stay neutral?? Could it be that sweet little Lisa Baker - EVIL BITCH - was behind this??? Oh, no - said Dorothy - Pat Solano would never do bad to the folks in OZ!!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone's laughing their ass off, it's the Carney camp. They executed a brilliant plan. Very classy TV ad a few days out from the election reminding the voters how down-to-earth Chris is - it was a welcome change from the venom being spewed from the not-so-Reagan Republicans.

They convinced most all of the Rs who switched to vote for/against Hillary to vote for Carney. And those who stayed Republican but were swayed by the slick Carney ad and his town hall meetings voted for the candidate that is the easier for Chris to beat in the fall - Hackett.

The one thing that shocked me was Ramah letting Sherwood through the Grotto's doors last night. Guess she has a short memory.

Great first endorsement for team Hackett - the Tunkhannock Strangler.

Anonymous said...

The Meusers make their money off of Medicare, so that 2 mil that they spent on the failed campaign ultimately came from your tax dollars. Brilliant.

NEPAExpat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NEPAExpat said...

Hey all,

I doubt Kar (Kevin) has much of the blame for the loss. Now that it is all over, we could definitely have an intelligent discussion of the "why it all went wrong".

Hindsight is always 20/20 and there were obvious mistakes on the Meuser side:
1. At the very moment Dan Meuser was going to run, he should have purchased a place and actually have moved into the district.
2. It was actually to Dan Meuser's advantage of keeping the race at 3 or 4 people. Swiderski alone would have siphoned off 5 or 6k in votes from Hackett until the Meuser campaign decided to begin the dirt throwing by publicizing the bankruptcy. Didn't anyone learn anything from the '92 and '96 Presidential campaigns?
3. Between the 2, Dan came off too slick for his own good. Between the debates and the donations, people were probably aware that Dan was too much of a "seasoned pro" to change what the area doesn't like about DC. Dan Meuser would have been an effective Congressman, but couldn't give the region a legitimate reason why shouldn't they just keep in Carney.
4. Dan Meuser spent too much time promoting his well-earned success at Pride versus what he could do for the region.

If nothing changes, Carney wins in a walk in November. Hackett's team apparently has the organization, but is left with repeating talking points that are no longer relevant. The Democrats are more than willing to pour in millions into the race this fall. What does Team Hackett have to counter when money no longer gives him an advantage?

Anonymous said...

Sassy, from one anon to another, kar didn't so much pick his man and stand by him through thick and thin. I know who kar is. He works for Pride close by the Meusers and, knowing the way the Meusers operate as I do, I have no doubt that kar's presence here was orchestrated. He was fed info that was meant to be put on here to counter the attacks. I sympathize with the position he was in, but his "passion" did not ring true. "Overkill" is a word that comes to mind. Dan Meuser is not a man who deserves that kind of blind loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 6:29 who ever said I was an anon?? My name is Sassy Fox, well really it's Sara Fox but as I kid my mom called me sassy cause I was just that sassy, I talked back alot, but usually for a good reason.

Overkill, passion, crazy, looney, they can be the same thing when someone buys into an idea, belief, or person enough, they drink the kool-aid the rest is history.

~Sassy Sara Fox...see that's too long. Sassy it is.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Sassy, I stand corrected. You are not an "anon", but you were gifted with a name so great, it sounds made up.

Anyway, my point was, I don't think - and, of course, I could be wrong - I don't think that kar really bought into the ideas he was espousing, I think that it was a job he was charged with at Pride. I worked there. Employees are subject to being told to drop whatever they are doing to go on some sort of unrelated mission for the Meusers at any time. That's okay, mind you, it's a privately owned business and it's their dime. What I'm saying is, kar "probably" was planted here to be Dan's flying monkey as part of his work-a-day responsibilities. I think that because I know that most (read: all) of Dan's immediate staff *hate* him. He does not inspire admiration, respect and loyalty. He inspires fear and vitriole. If it were not for the above average pay and benefits, the turnover would be much, much larger. And companies do not get voted to be one of "PA's Best Places to Work" while they are busy looking the other way and innocently going about their business working hard and spreading cheer. It requires a concerted PR effort.

Bob Kelly said...

Dear "I worked at Pride",
Sorry you got let go. That must suck. Anyway, Mr (or Ms.) big balls, why do you keep going under anon? The fact of the matter is you can say whatever you want and maybe some people will believe and some won't. KAR wasn't "summoned" to do anything. KAR has worked on other campaigns in the past for other people. KAR is just a Republican who believed in his candidate. Since you know so much you must know it's illegal for an employee to be instructed to do campaign work on company time.
KAR along with many other people at Pride volunteered after hours. Sorry you don't like the Meusers but I'm sure you were let go for a good reason.
Anyway, for those who did volunteer, there were those who didn't volunteer at Pride. So your claims are as full of crap as you are.
Come on anon, be a man (or woman) and tell us your story.

Anonymous said...

"Bob", why so angry at me? you're jumping to a lot of conclusions that are based solely on your opinions. I never said I was "let go"; you've presumed that. I suppose it fits your agenda or your preconceived attitude towards Dan Meuser.

Certainly, you may take or leave what I said, you can think I'm full of crap, but it doesn't alter my mind or perception of what I know to be true based on my first-hand experience.

I don't know whether it is legal or not instruct employees to do campaign work on company time. Pride is a privately owned entity, not beholden to taxpayers or stockholders, so when they asked some of us to drop what we were doing to scour the country for a particular birthday present for their father, or plan their kid's birthday party, we just figured,
"what the hey, it's their dime!"

What do you think about the legality of the company president's secretary walking around from department to department with a clipboard asking employees on her boss's behalf what political party they are registered with, and to switch from Democratic to Republican so they could vote in the primary, promising that the company would take care of all the paperwork and switch them back after the primary if they desired, all the while writing down on the clipboard who said yes and who said no? I don't suppose an employee would find that at all intimidating, do you?

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case maybe, the image of the flying monkey makes me smile. And I'll tell my mom you like my name, too bad as a liberal my last name has to be Fox...cruel twist of fate.
Have a good weekend folks and I'm taking a little break to gear up for the second act.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38 You are a just another liar for Hackett. It's over why don't you give it a rest. Congratulations, all the lying won, this round.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:38

at least at Pride employees have a choice when registering to vote.

know any PennDOT workers that are Republican?

you must be new to the game of politics.

10 years ago Mayor Connors wife walked the streets of Scranton and spent some time in the break room at her school to get known Democrats to switch so they could vote for Jimmy. They promised to switch them back after the primary.

Guess the only difference was all the candidates who ran back then were respectful of the frontrunner. When their own polls showed them down by double digits, they continued to work hard but kept the race clean and free of the gutter politics displayed by the Club for Growth Gang in this one.

At least the Meuser camp can take consolation the RNC and HRCC know the road to reclaiming the district just hit some speed bumps and a sharp incline. Preliminary conversation from those in the know seems to indicate they'll scale back money they were prepared to put in the race and use it in districts where they have a fighting chance. Word has it they were not pleased Sherwood made it on camera and in the papers at Hackett's little party.

Anonymous said...

That's good, anon 10:57... if you don't like the message, simply call the messenger a liar. Like I said, take it or leave it.

By the way, I had no dog in this hunt.

pj the wb lefty said...

Sherwood showing up at Hackett's party was great. All we needed was McDade and it would've been time for a "Girls Gone Wild - GOP Elder Statesman Edition"

Anonymous said...

Sherwood at Hacketts party? Maybe that is why the Wyo. county vote was closer than what most expected.

To me the noose around Hacketts neck just got tighter.