Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Exit Polls

Inspired by another local internet hooligan I wrote in Kayak Dude for state rep in the 121st district. Eddie Day Pashinski is unopposed in the primary and the general election which annoys me to no end and five of the six state reps up for reelection don't have an opponent in the fall. Put another feather in the cap of our Luzerne County GOP. I was going to do a few other write-ins but digressed.

In the Prez race it was an easy choice for me, Barrack Obama is the future and Hillary Clinton is the past. Yes we can.

In the only other contested race I could vote I picked John Cordisco for Treasurer because he is the only one of the candidates that I have met and a friend is part of his campaign team.

Turnout in my polling place was good. I was voter number 422 of about 1000 at 5PM.

Blogger is not letting me post pictures right now but you can see my ballot on Facebook.


D.B. Echo said...

The Clinton past wasn't such a bad place. And I fear a future where audacious hope is replaced with another all-hat-and-no-cattle politician. God help us the first time President Obama has to back away from a campaign promise.

If he plans to win it, though, he'd better grow a pair of balls at least as big as Hillary's. Whining about unfair treatment and suggesting that your opponent drop out of the race won't work in the General Election.

Forrest Gump said...

Typical "no balls" Gort. We used to sit down at Mark's Pub and talk about how great things were under Clinton for 8 years. Apparently you forget to soon. Barack makes promises, promises and more empty promises. Gotta love that commercial where he comes out and says he won't take contributions from "big oil" and then makes his now famous "bitter" speech direct from the Getty compound in California. I guess he was there by accident. I'm sure he didn't pick up any big checks there. And by the way, what the hell did he do to stop the big oil companies from price gouging? Answer: nothing. I can go on and on. I will say this though. If he does get the nomination I will vote for him in November.

pj the wb lefty said...

Went with Cordisco too...no dice Chicago.
If Obama wins I just hope he's ready for the Fall Campaign...I'll switch from the Hillary yard sign to the Barack one too...


As someone who always held a disdain for undecided voters His Holiness must now admit to an understanding of that side of the fence as I was undecided in this primary up to the final days. I had to go for Hillary as it was becoming clear that Obama was spending the last week of the campaign whining about this or that. I like Barack a lot; but it is becoming clear that he seems to lack a certain passion and drive to attain the presidency. The more I view it Barack comes across as a version of Dukakis and Kerry that can make a decent speech. He needs to grow a pair if he hopes to win in November.

Anonymous said...

how can the average joe view the write in vote results in Luzerne county?