Sunday, April 13, 2008

118th State Rep debate set

The League of Women Voters of Wilkes-Barre is hosting a public debate between state Rep. Mike Carroll and P.J. Best at 7 p.m. Thursday at Pittston Area High School auditorium, 5 Stout St., Yatesville
The TL has a write-up about the race today. Both Democrats want to provide property tax relief and improve the state’s health insurance program. But I have ask why there hasn't been any tax relief yet but slots money is being used for a Hockey Arena and other such pork like giving money back to the Mohegan Sun to pave a parking lot. Carroll voted to put tolls on I-80 saying there is no other way to raise funds for the much-needed repairs on Pennsylvania roadways. “In the end there is no easy way to fix this. In the end doing nothing is not an option.” Best opposes tolls on I-80 contending it is a job killer. “It’s a tax on the people. It’s not only a toll on the people that drive 80, it’s a tax in disguise.”
No word yet if either candidate will mount a write in effort for the Republican nomination since our local GOP dropped the ball again and have not fielded a candidate.


Jennifer said...

I'm kind of surprised that the Monroe County GOP couldn't find anyone to run for this seat. I think at least two candidates came from there in '06.

Gort said...


Maureen Tatu and Jim Spinola from Monroe County ran for the seat last time. They built up some name recognition and I was hoping one of them would take another stab at it. But who knows what is going on in their lives.

Anonymous said...

it's an uphill climb for any Republican given the voter registration advantage for the Dems.

Is that PJ's high school picture? How old is the kid? Didn't his dad ran against Carroll in 2006?

From what I've seen and heard, Mike has done a good job in his first term.

Jennifer said...

Yeah. Tatu and Spinola were the two I remembered. I couldn't recall if there were any more from Monroe County. If I recall correctly, Tatu (tatu4you) won the GOP nomination by a VERY slim margin over - I want to say - Art Bobbuine from Luzerne County. Then, she pretty much got trounced in November. Even so, you'd think with all the new people moving into Monroe County they'd at least TRY to find a candidate this time around.