Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Did you pay your taxes today?

According to PA Democratic Party some people haven't paid all of theirs.

Hackett AND Meuser HAVE Unpaid Taxes

After spending over $1.1 million on campaign advertisements, Hackett and Meuser's have unpaid tax liens

HARRISBURG : Republican Congressional hopefuls Chris Hackett and Dan Mueser claiming to be fiscal conservatives and cut taxes, each have outstanding taxes owed to the taxpayers, according to public records.

Meuser's company, Pride Mobiliy, owes $1,409 in tax liens, while Hackett's company OneSource staffing (formerly Workforce Solutions) owes $16,915 in tax liens in Luzerne County .

"It is outrageous that these two are dumping their personal fortunes into their own campaigns, while refusing to pay their company taxes," said T.J. Rooney, chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. "It is downright hypocritical to argue for fewer taxes while dodging your own tax bill.

Hackett, President of OneSource staffing, also swears in an enclosed affidavit to be the President of Workforce Solutions. According to documents at the Luzerne County Prothonotary in Wilkes-Barre , two tax liens appeared for Workforce Solutions, one from the federal government totaling $7,946.40 and one from the state for $16,915.

Dan Meuser, President of Pride Mobility, has unpaid tax liens throughout the country totaling $1,409. Attached is the document retrieved via a Lexis-Nexis Search documenting the Pride Mobility Liens in Louisiana and Ohio . The tax liens can be retrieved with a Lexis-Nexis search, entering "Pride Mobility" and "Tax Liens" into the search engine entitled "Combined Judgment and Liens.

"The Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice reported that both Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett have spent over $1.1 million of primarily their own money on campaign advertisements since January 2008 (Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice, 4/12).

"The people of Pennsylvania deserve a responsible taxpayer, not someone who skips on paying his taxes to run expensive advertisements promoting his campaign. Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett are hypocrites, they should not be passing the buck to the taxpayers," Rooney said.


Zen said...

ahhhhhhhh, finally the dem powers that be rear their ugly heads.
Pride Mobility has tax liens totalling $1,409. throughout the country. Cheese and rice, a company that does biz internationally to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars per year and this is what the Pa Dems can come up with???? They should get the pitchfork and torch mob together and storm Pride's offices. Snort, giggle, giggity.
Come on Gort, what sort of douchebaggery is this?

kar said...

T.J. give us all a break, $1409.00 owed in Louisanana & Ohio.

Are you intellectually dis-honest enough to suggest that this indicates that Meuser or Pride is skipping out on taxes?

I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation for this, but then you're not interested in being reasonable, are you?

Adios T.J. and take Chris con Carney with you.

Anonymous said...

TJ Rooney is upset abou $1,400 and $16,000 when his party passed a 650 million dollar tax increase. Nice to see the Dems are still out of touch.

Anonymous said...

typical republican hypocrisy: one lies and the ditto-heads swear to it!

Meuser and Hackett spend millions on negative political ads while not paying their own taxes and some claim there must be a reasonable explanation........what could that be? Last time I checked arrogance and hypocrisy were not reasonable.

Shouldn't paying your taxes come before negative campaign ads on the personal priority list of a wannabe congressman? I guess that's what makes them wannabes...

Both campaign on the need for lower taxes while both have unpaid taxes. THAT'S HYPOCRISY FRIEND, NOT REASON.

kar said...


I'm not commenting on Hackett's tax issues, which incidently rise to more than a mis-understanding, but do you honestly believe that 1,409.00 owed in Louisana & Ohio reflects a company that is dodging taxes?

Anonymous said...

Pride and Meuse do nothing but dodge the law.