Sunday, April 06, 2008

I went to the Red Barons game

The Red Barons are now called the Iron Pigs and have relocated to Allentown after being deported last year. The opponents were an afiiliate from some obscure Bronx team that wins a bunch of games every year but just falls short.


NEPAExpat said...

I've heard of this Bronx team...

Isn't that the one that throws around a lot of money only to come up a bit short every year?

Who says sports and politics don't mix?

Anonymous said...

Had a great time at the game Gort, we should do it again sometime. I take exception to the comment from nepaexpat. I guess the Yankees did not come up short 26 times practically winning 1 out of every 4 years, but I guess that's coming up short indead. Soccermike

Gort said...

Always a pleasure Mike, thanks for the ticket.

Expat, I just bookmarked your blog. I'm also an Economics major and look forward to reading your insights.

NEPAExpat said...


Don't forget, money has a way of giving people and teams much more leeway. It also doesn't hurt that the Philadelphia/KC/Oakland A's were and to an extent still a farm team to the Yankees. (Read The Kansas City A's and The Wrong Half of the Yankees by Jeff Katz for a bit more on verifying)

Pre-Reggie, the 76 Yankees were embarrassed. Pre-Maris, Mantle was a steroid-free version of Bonds. Add that to the special relationship with KC and the Celtics have enough to nudge into the "greatest dynasty" discussion.

NEPAExpat said...


Thanks for the bookmark.

The parallels between the tech implosion and the current mortgage meltdown are striking. If our government makes the wrong decision in this important time, we're in for a heap of trouble.

At best, we can only ask our officials to refrain from making bad decisions versus trying to solve this complex problem from a small glance.