Saturday, April 05, 2008

YouTube weekend

Kate Bush & David Gilmour - Running up that Hill - Live SPB


Rain Man said...


I just got horible news. Chuck Heston is dead. It's a mad house!!! A Mad House!!!!

Anonymous said...

how dare you choose to make a cargo airport. That is not right! i might only be 13 but ive lived in the hazleton long enough to understand it will ruin our town in so meny waYS. i could list three of the problems it would bring us. 1) people would have to sell there houses because of the cargo airport

2) way to much pollution in our almost last healthy!

3) its just not right to our town peeople and you should hold a vote, and let all ages vote!
So there you go u have mine + mi familes opinion so u think about cargo airposts now!

Your twn Folks, Megi BEjleri