Friday, April 11, 2008

Pennsylvania 10th CD air war

Chris Hackett fired the first salvo with a TV ad attacking Dan Meuser for donating to Democrats. I would post it but he ad is not on YouTube yet despite my urging.

Which brought this response.

Chris Hackett's Hypocrisy

Now Meuser is attacking Hackett about his donations to Luzerne County Commissioners Skrepnak and Vonderheid then receiving a contract from the county. Meuser also donated to the Bond Brothers.

Dan Meuser Want You to Know the Facts

A press release from the Hackett camp addresses the first ad.

Dallas, PA - Yesterday, Dan Meuser began running an ad that clearly is meant to deceive the voters about his past support for Hillary Clinton. Facing increasingly long odds after pouring in $1.1 million dollars of his own money, Meuser’s campaign has decided to quit even pretending to tell the truth.

Claim: “Chris Hackett is simply not telling the truth about Dan Meuser, Dan never gave a dime to Hillary Clinton.”

Truth: The Chris Hackett campaign ad says, “Meuser even had his company give money to Hillary Clinton.” Pride Mobility PAC gave $1,000 to Hillary Clinton on 12/2/2005. (Source attached from Federal Elections Commission)

“Dan Meuser’s denial of donating to Hillary Clinton after his company’s PAC donated $1,000 to her campaign is a true Clintonian move,” said campaign spokesman Mark Harris, “Dan’s campaign is growing increasingly desperate as voters reject his liberal positions on earmarks and spending. After claiming to have been so involved in Pride’s government relations work and making it a centerpiece of the campaign, now he takes no responsibility for the donations made by his company’s PAC. It is unfortunate that Dan won’t explain why he has repeatedly supported liberal Democrats with thousands of dollars.”

Claim: “Hackett took a $700,000 earmarked contract from a Luzerne County Democrat”

Truth: Chris Hackett’s company, OneSource, competitively bid on a county contract and was awarded the contract. There was no earmark.

“Several staffing agencies were faxed proposals and OneSource Staffing Solutions submitted the most cost advantageous bid for the county, said Chief Clerk Sam Guesto.” – Citizens Voice (1/12/2006)

In fact, it’s clear the Meuser campaign either doesn’t know what an earmark is or are willfully deceiving the voters yet again. According to the Government Accountability Office an earmark is “used to characterize directions included in congressional committee reports but not in the legislation itself.” As noted by Thomas Schatz of Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, a leading national anti-earmarking, “First, a contract award is not by definition an earmark, and second, since several staffing companies were given the opportunity to bid for a contract and OneSource Staffing Solutions won the bid, it cannot be considered a “no-bid” contract.”

“Again, the Meuser campaign is purposefully and willfully lying to voters to cover up Dan’s history of support for liberal politicians and policies. Dan says he didn’t donate to Hillary, but his company did. Dan says Chris received an earmark, but Chris did not. There is a continuing pattern of desperation as the Meuser campaign tries to cover up his donations to Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton and his liberal position on federal spending,” said campaign spokesman Mark Harris.


Anonymous said...

they are both the same rino', rino's rinos.....

neither one of them deserve the republican nomination. they are helping turn the 10th democratic for the foreseable future...

Zen said...

well holy shit, if Guesto said it, it must be true. For gosh sakes Chris, please pick a better backer than Sam "huge part of the problem" Guesto. You dumb fook, you alligned yourself with the no-bid, pay to play crowd. You are smarter than that, who steered you on this course?

Anonymous said...

OK... I have to comment...

Hackett has been convinced that people care about these donations.... that is the sad part.

It is almost criminal what they have done... Hack's team were like a bunch of Carney's (no pun) waiting for their mark...they found him.. no experience swimming with the sharks... money to burn... HUGE ego.. told him $500k would win the primary.. told him all the negative stuff would work... asked for "upfront" money

THe way I see it....
Hackett just made a $850,000 donation to the Meuser team.

They have aired all potential negatives before the general. Meuser should send Chris a thank you card on the 23rd.

I predict:

Meuser 55%
HAckett 45%

Meuser wins all counties

In the aftermath:
Harris becomes a Social Studies teacher somewhere west of Altoona..
Brags about how he won a primary once...

HAckett goes back to work and leaves politics for good.

DC consultants look for their next mark....

Anonymous said...

If anybody ever hires Mark Harris again for anything, my bet is they don't have internet access. Mark, here is a tip- When you've dug yourself into a hole where you have lost all credibility, stop digging. Don't tell anyone just don't show up one day and disappear. Maybe become a social studies teacher for some poor unsuspecting students. What a POS.
Meuser by 18 is my bet. Hackett has no support at all outside the back mountain area. If you don't believe me drive through the district and count the yard signs- you will not reach 10.

Anonymous said...

Does Hack have support in the back mountain area? I heard that most folks were going with Meuser??? Am I missing something? From what I can see the only support he has is what Dave and JErry have gotten him(not much) due to Jerry's payraise debacle and Dave's horrifying senate race... Do you think they will actually split Luzerne???

Dan has HUGE turnouts at events...
Chris doesn't...

Do you know something I don't??

Bob Kelly said...

Hey Hackett Camp, keep attacking Pride mobilty since you can't find anything on Meuser. Really friggin smart. Let's see...........about 1200 local employees being attacked daily. They'll tell their family and friends how Hackett is twisting the truth for his own gain and they'll tell more people....and so on......and so get the point.
Their despiration is showing.

Anonymous said...

Old School R says;

Chris Hackett has proved to his neighbors in the Back Mountin and to the the Wyoming Valley business community that he is a scoundrel. He will say anything to anybody to get what he wants .. He continues to peddel outright lies in his nasty commercials. He also lies about his own issues... like the illegal live in maid that worked for his family for more than two years. Chris Hackett sold himself to the sleazy Club for Growth.
He bought the Luzerne County contracts. He paid $5,000 a few weeks before he was handed the business. It may have been his first ever political contribution. He also chaired "the Blue Ribbon Panel" for Skrep that hired Kim Wyland.. She was the county C.F.O. that was hired and then found out to be a clepto-maniac with a long police record for shoplifting. Nice job Chris.. That search was conducted by Chris and his firm of experts. It speaks volumes on how incompetent and sleazy he is ..
I no longer believe anything he says . Everywhere I go in Wyoming Valley, the topic of conversation is Hackett's sleazy lies. When this is over , he should find himself a spider hole and climb in .. Good republicans tell me that they will vote Carney before Hackett. Thanks a lot Chris. You deserve to get trounced !

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee you that HAckett/MAdeira/Birmelin will NEVER recover from this disgrace politically.... Hacket will be fine with his businesses. JErry will be fine with his PSERS retirement. It is MAdeira that I worry about....this was a HUGE blunder for his career...

kar said...

Don't worry about Dr. Dave he'll be fine, he can go back to manipulating spines, instead of the truth.

All of the above comments seem to capture the essence of this whole sorry mess; Hackett and his posse have trouble with the truth.

Sam Guesto as your "get out of jail" card...puleeze, they faxed out bids? I'd like to see a time line on that one.

If Hackett's contract was competively bid it would be the only one in Luzerne County.

Pay for play with Skrep.
Exaggerating involvement with C3i.
"Susie-gate", enough said.
"El Presidente's" visit.
His own issues in federal for unfair business practices.

Chris has been one very busy hombre.

Adios Senor Chris.

Anonymous said...

After reading all this bullshit I have come to the conclusion that both Hackett and Meuser were convinced to run by their democratic friends to keep out any serious republicans from the tenth. These are two extremely flawed individuals.
When Carney is re-elected let's see what kind of federal contracts these two posers get.
They are both disgraceful in conduct of their businesses and neither one is a conservative.
We should thank both of them for ensuring that Chris Carney will be double dipping in his retirement years
1- from the navy
2- from the congress

Anonymous said...

hey bob,

be glad hackett is focusing on pride, there is plenty out there on dan and if he wins i\'m sure carney will find it, if he already hasn\'t...

worst thing you can ever do is through down a challenge when there is stuff out there

Scott said...

Glad to see all you anon's (and Kar) are enjoying counting your chickens.

The mock offense at allegations of negative campaigning by you guys and Meuser is even more amusing because of recent negative ads (shown here) by Meuser and your comments calling Hackett a scoundrel.

Please! If Meuser didn't give to liberals Rendell and Rangel, then let him show the FEC reporting is WRONG!

If he had nothing to do with the donations of his company PAC to Hillary, then release the PAC board minutes (or some such thing) that shows he voted against giving Clinton the money!

I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

My company has a PAC- no such thing as minutes. Most companies don't have senior officials on the PAC board if they have one. Mostly Government Dept. people, usually not senior management.

Anonymous said...

I hear its going to come out this week that "Susie" has lived at Hackett's house for a number of years. Supposely, the papers are racing each other to "get the scoop". That will be fall out of my chair funny to read.

kar said...

Dear Scott,

One of the things I'm most looking forward to after April 22nd, when Dan shows Hackett & Co. the door, is not having to read anymore of your inane banter.

PAC board meeting minutes??

Whatever Dan or Pride gave and to whom it was given has been dragged out on these boards and elsehwre since last summer, months before Dan even entered the race.

It has been explained and re-explained, you and your ilk never wanted an explanation, this was never about one side persueding the other, it has always been about trying to trash Dan.

Hackett, with all that he has hanging around in his closet, should have been the last person to raise these types of issues, yet you guys went full speed ahead, and have exposed yourselves as hypocrites and liars...Brilliant!!

Good luck and God speed Scott.

Please don't stay in touch.

Adios amigo.

pj the wb lefty said...

Did Hackett give money to Skrep? Is he a Dem?
And besides, when is it wrong to give to a Dem if there is a reason such as a vested business interest?
To me it shows a willingness to be bipartisan rather than a betrayal of Conservative trust. I suppose everyone out there wringing their hands about these donations would rather have your Republican candidiate (if either one wins) out there in the wilderness in a Democratic Congress (which there will be, in an even bigger majority). So if you're unwilling to have your candidates work with the other side of the aisle, best wishes and we'll see you in twenty years.
For everyone making a stink about the Hillary donation, I hope you're all boycotting Fox News as well because 'ol Rupert threw Hilary a big fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

pj, you don't get to claim the mantle of conservative values after you give money to dems. there are other ways to work together w/o financially supporting those who are ideolgically opposed to your claimed stance and view for which you pledge to fight for......

integrity and values are not supposed to be for sale or purchase. if they are then you have neither

pj the wb lefty said...

Ideology is fine but there also has to be room for pragmatism especially at that level of politics. In the 10th, I'm not crazy about Kanjo, but I'd rather have him keep the seat than give it to the mayor. I don't think the majority of the electorate is as ideologically driven either. If it was, Buchannon and Nader would have had more voters in 2000 than they ended up with. I can't speak for the 10th because I don't live there but I guess my question to you back would be do you think McDade or Sherwood were ideological purebreds? And if not, why were they acceptible?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:51

you're right about the story. they've even interviewed some Sem students who are well acquainted with her.

Guess it just shows the advantages of using good staffing agencies who screen the potential employees with the new pilot program Hackett has touted. If only he had used it.

Anonymous said...


it isn't whether they are purebreads or not, it is the fact that they are claiming to be....
don't sell yourself as something you are not, especially if there is evidence to the contrary.

and to ask for money from republicans when you gave money against them in the past is just .... just f'd up and says a lot about a person..

K.M. said...

Wrong to whoever said all of the dirt has already come out on Dan. (Smile)

bob kelly said...

k.m., yes, we've all seen all this before. All of this was brought up last fall. Hackett's just putting it out there again closer to the election. What a dumbass move.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, k.m. If Dan Meuser wins the nomination, Bob Kelly is about to be schooled.

Anonymous said...

schooled big time... word is carney has a few things and one of them will be huge

Anonymous said...

I guess a married man shouldn't run for office if he hasn't taken his vows seriously.

Anonymous said...

not if he plays mr family values

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dan, the "chicks" are on their way home to roost.

By the way, not only is Dan an unrepentant philanderer, he is also not a nice person. Unless, of course, he perceives you as someone who it would benefit him to suck up to.

Anonymous said...

And, kar/kevin, appropos to the above, if you are who I think you are, you know what I'm talking about; you know I'm right on.