Saturday, April 19, 2008

YouTube weekend

jeff beck with the jan hammer group star cycle



Do Pennsylvania voters know that
Reps. Patrick Murphy took a $18,826.00 "donation" from Barack Obama prior to endorsing him?
I think that taints his endorsement more than alittle bit and sells out the voters of Pennsyvania that havent even been able to vote yet.

Do Pennsylvania voters know that Barack Obama has "donated" huge sums to Pennsylvania's Super Delegates? Talk about back room politics. Is he trying to buy votes from Super Delegates and take votes away from Pennsyvania voters?

Why are some Pennsylvania Super Delegates taking huge sums of money from someone they have to cast a vote on? Is that like paying the judge before the verdict? Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Murphy took $18,826.00 from Barack Obama before he endoresed Barack Obama, kinda puts his endorsement in question. There are more Pennsylvania politicians taking BIG MONEY from Barack Obama for their Super Delegate votes and Pennsylvania voters have not even been able to vote yet.

Gort said...


It's good of you to spam every PA blogger with the same comment. Keep up the good work.