Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barletta offers solution to high gas prices

Or maybe not.

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta said the windfall profit tax bill proposed by Congressman Paul Kanjorski is a “desperate attempt to gain favor in an election year.” Kanjo admits that the bill doesn't have much chance of becoming law saying even if it did pass the Congress it faces a certain veto and America's Mayor pounced on that statement.
A check of Barletta's website doesn't have any info about energy or anything else other than immigration.
I'm surprised that he hasn't pointed out that we get a great deal of our oil from Venezuela and Mexico or maybe he isn't aware of it.


Anonymous said...

lou barletta doesn't have a clue about anything... he is now blaming unemployment on illegal immigration. and his figures don't add up, of course..... if so many moved out as he has claimed how are illegal immigrants still causing the problem.

this is classic fear mongering and i hate to say it, but race baiting.... this man is a nitwit, bafoon, etc..... i have never voted democrat in my entire life, but for all of Kanjo's flaws, he has a brain... if i have to chose between someone out there for self interest and a dope, i will take the former..

Anonymous said...

I'm from Detroit, but was in NEPA for the "draft lou" event in Old Forge. His speech was about how he is not a "one trick pony" even though everyone paints him as one, and all he did was desperately link each issue to immigration. When he told the story about how a few illegals murdered some kids one time, I sat there thinking, wow, i live in Detroit, people are getting shot here every day by legals, illegals, whites, blacks--we had better elect someone who's gonna get rid of all those types of people too!

Forrest Gump said...

Barletta is a jackass that got talked into this race by the NRCC because nobody else was interested and they thought that enough people would be disgusted with Kanjo because of the Cornerstone deal and the inflatable dam. Unfortunately, this guy is a political hack and has no business being in this race. He may keep it close but there is no way he will win. Hell, some people in Hazleton hate him for all of the divisiveness he has created.

Zen said...

As I've said and written many times, a turnip would be a better congressman than Kanjorski. Maybe they should have a "anybody but Kanjo" slot on the ballott.

Rain Man said...

Maybe they should put an anybody but Kanjo or Barletta slot. Hell maybe they should run the turnip. I'm sure a turnip would capture the anti Mexican vote, because those Mexican's are being payed by farmers to pull them out of the ground and I'm sure a turnip would also have a keen intrest for agricultural issues wich in P.A. is important. The turnip would have two issues to run on then instead of one like Barletta.

Anonymous said...

i have to say zen in general i agree with you, but not with barletta. i will take kanjo for another term.

Michelle D said...

that image....*right click* save as

D.B. Echo said...

I wish there were a third choice. Anybody up for it? Or should we all write in Kayak Dude?

Maybe Barletta and Kanjorski can compromise, and illegals can enter the country only if they bring a barrel of sweet, sweet Mexican Black with them

Anonymous said...

good idea, but how about a truck load of tequila too.

NEPAConservative said...

I am a bit confused by the lack of opinion coming from the Barletta campaign on many issues, but I doubt it's because he's a "jackass" or "Fear Mongererrrr" or a "political hack" as some of you so eloquently put. I do believe he will strike when the time is right and that time is coming. Money is tight and he's going up against a typical liberal millionaire incumbent. GOD ANYONE BUT Paul. I'd vote for a ham sandwich before I'd pull the lever for Congressman Cornerstone Kanjorski .

Lou 2008 !!!

Anonymous said...

how much fucking money does it cost to put up an issues page on his worthless web site??????????????????????????????????????????

this asshole as doubled his debt in an uncontested primary.... how the fuck did he do that???????????????????????

you can try to justify him all you want, but to run for congress and not have an issues page on a web site is ludicrous!!!!!!

I have never voted for Kanjo ever, but I am voting for him this time...

Denounce the dunce vote Kanjo

NEPAConservative said...

Now that's funny...You never voted for Kanjorski ? You're either a liar or you never voted. Just because somebody's website is lacking doesn't make somebody an "asshole". In your cyberfreak world that may mean something, but not necessarily. Do you think all the old folks that will be voting even know where to find the internet ? You are IMO judging him too soon. Of course after reading your post, you don't sound capable of being fair. Just another rabid retarded liberal.

Anonymous said...

sorry but my anger at barletta is because i did vote for him and his last campaign i donated the max in the primary and general.. if you are too stupid to have a current web site, one which he has paid the ridiculous sum of 12,000 dollars for then i am not going to support the asshole again.
they called me for money again and i told them the same thing. the jackoff person calling didn't know why the site was updated. if you are going to spend 10,000 more than necessary for a site that isn't even proper for an election cycle you don't deserve a vote

the older folks aren't gonna vote for him anyway. he requested his old site pulled from the achieves, the one where he pledges not to privatize soc. sec. what does that tell ya??????

so vote for the asshole if you chose, i won't

qauvx said...

I heard barletta plans on solving America's problems by reverting to indentured servitude of coloreds. Is any of this true?

NEPAConservative said...

OK, so Barletta is a bigger asshole than Kanjorski because Barletta's website sucks. I hate to know what you thought of Ronald Regan...did you judge him by his movies ? If that's what matters to you the most than vote for that the theif Kanjorski. How do you feel about the whole Cornerstone family deal..doesn't bother you ? He did great things down in Nanticoke...well...not really, mainstreet is still all boarded up. Hey how bout that Inflatable damn. Now there's another winner.

Good choice ...NOT

NEPAConservative said...

It would be nice if Lou would disclose more. Project Vote smart asked him to take the political courage comment. I've wrote many comment. It does make me wonder if this is once again the best republican can do in this state. But again, kanjorski is not a better choice, even without all the facts on Lou.
Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

project vote smart:
Not only Lou Barletta but
Representative Paul E. Kanjorski repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff.

This candidate will be asked again to provide responses during the general election.

So neither one is talking.
In time I beleive much will come out.

pj the wb lefty said...

nepaconservative...let's take Lou's website off the table.
What else does he stand for? How is he going to fight for the 11th?
It would be nice to hear him talk about the issues. If all I hear about is immigration, I'm going with Kanjo, a known quantity...not the best choice but the better of the 2.

Anonymous said...

We're not stupid but what can we do. It's clearly profit taking by big oil. Leave politicians out of it. If they get involved, they'll just mess it up anyway. This is between you and big oil. It seems to be a collaborative understanding between big oil that competing with each other is bad for business. Don't expect people not to drive to the point that the oil companies start to hurt. People will curtail driving habits a bit because of these prices but not enough to get things changed. And don't expect the feds to do anything either because there is a lot of windfall tax revenue from these increased prices that they reap the benefit from. The oil cans know that the life of oil is limited - maybe about another 20-30 years and they want to get as much as they can out of it till it dies.

So demand is demand and the oil companies know you got to buy one way or the other. Don't expect them to be good corporate citizens where profits are involved. Would you if you were in their enviable position?? It's obvious that the oil bunch reached a consensus that they can rake us for what ever they want and are cooperating with each other by suppressing competitive activity between them - you know, it's bad for business (I wonder if there was another meeting of the commission at Appalachia in upstate NY). I am certain they are feeling out for a pain point now and you can be certain it's going to get a lot worse.

Here's what you can do. Exxon/Mobil is the biggest profit taker of them all and is probably leading this assault so they are the ones that need to be targeted. You have to use boycott creatively. People need gas - they need to drive so don't expect them to leave their cars at home and use a bicycle or the bus. It ain't gonna happen. But what you can do is buy your gas anywhere else but Exxon/Mobil or anyone who is supplied by Exxon/Mobil. The way to win is to single out one of the oil cans to show the others what can happen to them if they play these games. The beauty of it is that it screws up Exxon/Mobil in a way they can't easily recover from. Oh sure, they will lower their prices temporarily to get you back and many people will take advantage of that but the moment they bring their prices back up, you boycott them again. They are constantly running a deficit because they can never make up for the losses of gas sales sold at lower prices and if the boycott is widely respected by americans, the only way Exxon/Mobil can sell gas is if it is at lower prices than the others. They will be forced to keep their prices lower which will force the other oil cans to match up with. When that happens, Exxon/Mobil gets boycotted again and the downward price cycle starts all over. In the mean time Exxon/Mobil retailers will start jumping ship further aggravating the backlash situation for Exxon/Mobil.

I think it can work if the boycott gets good enough traction but I am a busy business man who really would like to but can't afford the commitment to make this thing work. It needs someone who can spend some time getting the word out . Please send this plan to whomever you think can help get it rolling.