Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking to the fall-State Rep races

Or lack of contests. Barring some write-in efforts that I'm not aware of it looks like our 5 Luzerne County Democratic state representatives will be unopposed in November. I read that Todd Eachus has secured both nominations in the 116th District getting 800+ write-ins on the GOP side. In the 120th Phyllis Mundy has no opposition and the same goes for Eddie Day Pashinski in the 121st as well as John Yudichak in the 119th. Mike Carroll cruised to victory in the 118th primary with no announced Republican taking him on in the general.

That leaves the 117th District Republican Freshman Karen Boback as the only one being challenged in November. 2006 Republican 20th Senatorial candidate Russ Bigus recently switched to the Democrats and is on the ballot. Boback beat a little known Dem last time by 2 to 1 after winning a crowded primary. This time she won the primary by about 1100 votes out of 7300 cast while Bigus was unopposed for the Democratic nomination and garnered 5665. The question now is will Bigus be able to use his past GOP ties and tap into the resentment I'm hearing from some back mountain Republicans about the slash and burn tactics of the Boback camp.


Anonymous said...

Slash & burn??? I hear the Judge of elections had to put one of May's henchmen in his place at a polling place. 'Seems he was harassing would-be voters by yelling rude comments about Boback, while trying to hold his hairpiece in place.( It was kind of windy that day, as I recall!!!)
I think the May camp suffers from too much Bible Babble...funny how they don't follow their scripture readings. I guess some people never learn: you either have class, or you don't. And taking your little boy out of Home Schooling to beg for votes was kind of pathetic.
Where's your God now, James???

Anonymous said...

Just another Bible thumping Jackass.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty funny, when Rep Boback casted her first vote she yelled out to the speaker of house quote "I voted the wrong way, can I change my vote" The House speaker tells her that after the voting today she could change her vote to the right answer. Funny thing happened she stood up again and yelled out " I VOTED THE WRONG WAY" Finally another Rep had to come over and let Rep Boback know that she could fix her vote at the end of the day. I could just see Pretty in Pink standing there with the confused look she always has " I VOTE THE WRONG WAY"

Anonymous said...

or how about this, Rep Boback got pulled over by a police officer. The officer asked for the lic and her registration. The officer realized that in her picture she had glasses on and the officer noticed that Rep Boback at the time did not have any glasses on. He asked her if she had any contacts on, Her is Pretty in Pinks response " I know Senator Lemond" For those that missed that, the officer wanted to know if she was wearing contacts.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Bible and the Word of God getting beaten up here?

Is this the result of atheism within the boback camp or the liberal social gospel watered-down churches they attend?

Anon #1. Please explain what is bible babble or don't you have a Bible? Obviously you must be a shake-down psea union thug or a teacher who's sole purpose is to distort and indoctrinate young minds into socialistic zealots. Include in your perverse value system an education system that is plagued with drugs, promiscuous sex, alcohol, and random shootings.
What next, further indoctrination at higher levels of learning for an amoral lifestyle with no value system. Results? Thinking patterns that permit secular humanist pols like boback and the elitist RINO crowd to prevail and perpetuate the ills the rest of us are forced to live with.

Anon #2 Obviously another blind boback supported who votes personality second to values.

Our God not only is our well, but He reins securely. How about your god(s)?


Proud to know James May

austin scott said...

Dear Mr. Proud to know James May,

Doesn't your man Hackett attend the same church as Sen. Lemmond? Is this one of the "liberal social gospel watered-down churches" of which you speak?

I hear your help will be in demand next year in Centre County for the soon-to-be one-term district attorney there. The Nittany nation doesn't take kindly to the filing of trumped-up charges - even if it was the result of promiscuous sex - for one's political gain.

Anonymous said...

Republicans won't run to Bigus. The one thing worse than Rep Boback retaining her seat would be Bigus taking over. If only the deer could vote, it would be a landslide victory for her.

Forrest Gump said...

Is that really "the" Austin Scott. If so, you got a bum rap brother. Although, I do agree with Joepa, you shouldn't have been out that late after curfew. All in all, I wish you well and hope to see you playing in the NFL this fall. Maybe even get drafted in the later rounds on Sunday.

From another true Penn Stater!!

Anonymous said...

Who is this bum austin scott, I don't think he has what it takes to play in the nfl I heard he is a real loser and only men play on sunday.

scott paxson said...

The only loser in the Austin Scott saga was the district attorney - last name's Madeira. hmmm