Monday, April 21, 2008

Pennsylvania 10th CD prediction

I don't have one. In some ways it's too bad that this race has to end since it's has the subject of the most spirited debates this blog has ever had. Many thanks to kar, Scott, Barry, Sassy, PJ Lefty and all the anons that have shared their thoughts and advocated for their candidate. I'm sure I missed someone so remind me in the comments. So this is the last chance to sound off before the big day, tell me why your guy will win and by how much. The polling I've seen still shows a big undecided block. Will the Meuser campaign sandbagging of Hackett about abortion on the Friday before the election be the deciding factor? I find it interesting that a Meuser campaign operative emailed me the Capitol Wire story. Or will Hackett's message of changing the way Washington does business carry the day?


Anonymous said...

doesn't matter Carney will be returned in November..

Anonymous said...

yeah - returned back to Dimock and Penn State-Worthington as a full-time professor.

Anonymous said...

republicans chose
himbo rino #1
himbo rino #2

great choices

Anonymous said...

err ahh mmm err ahh Meuser er er um uhm will ahem err win

Danny Bauder said...

I think Carney wins tomorrow, and then again on Nov 4th.

The "Millionare's Amendment" will only help Carney get his message out and expand his already impressive organization.

Remember when Pat Casey lost two "how the hell did he not win?!" elections? Well, my republican friends, turnabout is fair play.

Anonymous said...

yeah, saying your opponent's a millionaire worked well for Casey.

won't work this time either. Casey was actually a name that people recognized AND Scranton Democrats were still part of the district.

What's Carney going to say that Hackett hasn't already tried? Meuser donated to Hillary?

Anonymous said...

Sand-bagging? Although it took to the very last day, thank goodness the real Chris Hackett was exposed. He is not only a liar, he's the kind of liar that keeps talking and lying even though nobody in the room believes him anymore. He did it last year on the chamber of commerce board and history is repeating itself here. Anybody who is still drinking the Hackett kool-aid, you need to honestly look at the facts. You backed a very flawed man.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38 go crawl back into your hole.
As you the rest of you, KAR ; ) though we totally disagree we kept it civil...maybe we should run, wait a moment my back account can't afford it! lol
Here's to what tomorrow brings.

~Sassy Fox

ps; thanks for the shout out Gort, your blog is the only one that matters to me.

kar said...


Thanks for the forum, it has been fun. While I love politics, this one got a bit negative, but that's life in America.

Sassy, damn glad to know ya, stay out of trouble. To all the anons, man up, or woman up and at least pick a name we can refer to.

Scott, and Barry, may God have mercy on your souls.

Chris Carney, rest up you're gonna need it.

Ciao, adios, and God Bless us everyone.

Anonymous said...

rumor is carney's got the clincher on mueser. otwt

mattyb said...

carney's skeletons will be out of the closet this fall too. one of them has really blossomed too. we'll see how he likes the tables being turned. maybe they'll have to call a truce.

NEPAExpat said...


I seriously doubt Carney is losing much sleep over this election. Dan Meuser isn't going to win a debate on national defense by promoting we need to stay the course with an active member of the military.

There's plenty of ammunition out there, but the neither campaign seems willing to use the gambit. Ironically, some of the most innovative conservative thought is coming from out west. The conservative media is beginning to pick up on the fact that there is a strong connection between the large increase in the price of food staples and the use of corn for fuel (has anyone forgotten that Chris Carney is an Iowa native?). I've mentioned this once or twice on this blog under a different screen name when I was a real character.

On top of that, the dollars we have sent overseas are coming back home in return for wheat. Other countries are beginning the march towards protectionism in the name of feeding its own people. Apparently, the way to stop global warming is by starving the population of the third world. An acre of corn only produces 328 gallons of ethanol or 7,110 pounds of food. (

People may notice it takes $100 to fill their SUVs, but by November (if it hasn't by now) it will definitely show up on their grocery bills.

Promoting conservative values will take a back seat when people start losing their jobs...or has the area moved away from its retail dependency?

Anonymous said...

Hal Flack says;

I have been telling anyone who would listen the story of Hackett flipping on the abortion issue since it happened last May.. I have brought up the issue right here in this blog a number of times.. I am not an abortion crusader. For me, this issue is about the lack of honesty displayed when Chris changed his position so he could pander for support from the Evangelical Christians. That is where he went when after couldn't get traction with the "old School R's"
He really blew it when the reporter called him on it and he decided to lie. He could have been honest and maybe skated through this..
This issue is all about Chris Hackett's lack of honesty and integrity. When he called me a liar, he crossed the line...

Thanks Gort for providing the forum.. Best in the future..

Anonymous said...

yeah carney that no good sob how dare he do something like serve his country in the navy. meuser talks about staying the course in Iraq as long as he is sending other people to die instead of actually demonstrating some courage and joining himself and serving... and he was of age after sept 11th but he would rather sip chamagne and eat caviar then actually risk anything because he doesn't have the courage to risk his life for his country, he only wants to profit from the blood and handicaps of others.. we should be proud

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Dan has something good on Carney and it's gonna be fun watching him try to spin his way out of it.

Anonymous said...

yep can't wait for a coward who never served in uniform attack a navy person... that will go over real big in the 10th where so many sons, daughters, husbands, wifes, mothers and fathers have or are serving..

Anonymous said...

Interesting Hal...

In the T-L article (they forgot to mention you're an investor - whoops!) Jack Sordoni (who singlehandedly nearly managed to destroy the Bush/Cheney '04 effort in NEPA) says none of you intended to make this public. Now you say you've been telling everyone for eleven months. Which is it?

If the meeting happened in May and Hackett allegedly changed his position later, why would you say you been telling everyone about it since May? You wouldn't have had anything to talk about for at least a short period of time.

Was Tom Medico at the meeting or not? Be careful - I know the answer.

So what's the real story here, Hal? You definitely aren't an abortion crusader. You also, just between us boys, aren't all that much of a truth crusader. So, what's in this for you that you would stick your neck out so far?

That's the $64,000 question.

Barry said...

Thanks everyone for a good time and lots of fun discussing our gracious candidates. I have really enjoyed the moderate and sensible discourse on this site.

Kar, thanks. God has so much mercy that he gave his only begotten son to die for my sins. I was flattered by all the sweet talk you had for me but I am sorry but I am straight.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell