Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fire Fighters Endorse Carney

Forty Fort, PA—The Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association will be formally endorsing Congressman Chris Carney’s re-election TODAY, Tuesday, September 2nd at 3:30 PM.

"Congressman Carney has stood on the frontline with Fire Fighters and has given us steadfast support during his tenure in Congress. Not only for Pennsylvania Fire Fighters, but for all Fire Fighters nationwide. This is why we proudly stand with Congressman Carney and support his bid for re-election." said Art Martynuska, President of the Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association. Mr. Martynuska will be on hand this Tuesday to present Congressman Carney with the official endorsement.


Anonymous said...

they're not stupid... don't want to lose any federal grants from the dem house and senate...

Barry said...

When Anonymous said"
"they're not stupid... don't want to lose any federal grants from the dem house and senate..."
What he is really saying is that we the voters would have to be stupid to support Hackett. After all why would we want to give up our Federal Grants on a lost cause like Chis Hackett.

By the way is Hack spending his own money or his wife's money?

prsent said...

Carney himself was a volunteer firefighter. The PAPFFA will endorse Carney because they figure he can relate to the needs of firefighters and hopefully bring some money into some areas where outdated equipment is not fit for use. Volunteer companies have to rely on contributions from the public and government grants - they receive no municipal funds or tax proceeds to protect the lives of people in their surrounding communities.