Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New PA 10th CD poll


Chris Carney (D-inc): 46%

Chris Hackett (R): 36%

(MoE: ±4.6%)

The Sept. 21-25 poll of 460 likely voters has 18% undecided.

In an interview, Carney called Monday's poll results a "reflection of what we've been hearing on the campaign trail from people from both sides of the aisle. I believe constituents are paying attention and appreciate my efforts down here."
Hackett, though, pointed out that Carney failed to reach the 50-percent threshold that incumbents facing re-election strive to reach.
"If you take these poll numbers as credible, Chris Carney at under 50 is a very troubling sign for an incumbent who has had two years to try to bolster his position," he said...Carney is "intentionally trying to mislead voters" into thinking he's a conservative, Hackett said. "If you listen to his rhetoric and watch the way he votes, they are two very different things. ... He may call himself a Blue Dog Democrat (a group of conservative House Democrats), but when he goes to Washington, he's a Pelosi puppy." ..."Mr. Hackett must have a very low opinion of the constituents of the 10th District if he thinks they're not smart enough to see honesty, if he thinks the wool is being pulled over their eyes," Carney said.


PJ said...

I just can't get with Hackett, and I'm a Republican.

I hope Meuser gives it another try in the future, but to be honest, Carney seems like a truly good man and solid Congressman.

I voted for Carney in 06, and I'm voting for him again this time around.

Scott said...

So I take it your "pj the wb lefty" moniker means you are left handed, and not leaning to the left?

Carney has been pretty vicious (and less than truthful) in some recent ads about Chris Hackett and the tax issue, on taxes that were in dispute or have been paid or were attributed to Hacketts company wrongly. (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0708/11969.html)

Carney should not be one to talk, considering the fines he paid for his campaign reporting.

(U.S. Reps. Chris Carney, D-Susquehanna County, got slapped by the Federal Election Commission for not filing campaign finance reports on time.

Carney's campaign was fined $4,467 for failing to file timely reports on $41,475 received just days before his November 2006 election.)

Oh well, guess thats not to important, it was only 10 percent of the money that was donated to him, his donors probably won't mind...

billy said...

check out the CV article on the poll results. it includes a paragraph or two on favorable/unfavorable ratings.

carney's a respectable 48/24 favorable/unfavorable rating. he's done a good job over the last two years representing issues in washington that he feels are important in his district.

hackett has a 35/30 rating, uncharacteristically high for an opponent making his first run for public office. the negative campaign ran for the republican nomination has to be a factor in these ratings. it was the 10th CD's first introduction to chris hackett and the race devolved into a pissing match between he and meuser.

it still amazes me that with the registration gap in the 10th CD that the best the GOP could do was a rich guy filming commercials in barns. lose to carney in '08 and the gop risks losing a congressional seat for a long time.

vic daring said...

If Hackett really wants to run against Nancy Pelosi so badly, I'd suggest he move to San Francisco and give it a try.

But trying to tar Carney with Pelosi is just dumb. Nobody's buying it.

NEPAExpat said...

Actually, Carney showed quite the fortitude voting against the bailout (no one's presented the case why we should bail out those who caused the mess without some serious punishment). Maybe we should ask Paul Kanjorski why he wants to destroy the economy so badly since he voted for it?

We've had rushes to action like this before. Remember the Patriot Act? Remember the Iraq War? Fool us three times, ahh who are we kidding, collectively we are a bunch of ******* morons.

Carney may not be the best for the 10th, but he should be commended for doing the right thing this time when it would have been easier to fall in line.

kar said...

Scott, bubbala welcome back,

How does it feel to get a taste of your own tactics? No sense rehashing old topics, suffice it to say I'm eagerly awaiting the November election and the dispatching of Hackett.

FWIW, I think "PJ" and "PJ the WB lefty" are 2 different individuals, this PJ claims to ahve voted for Carney in '06, lefty claims to live in the 11th and supports Kanjo.



Bob Kelly said...

Ok, here's the deal. I have newfound respect for Carney after he voted against the rediculous bailout. I was having a hard time voting for Hackett since I'm a republican but I hate people who lie and are snakes. But after this, maybe Carney IS the real deal. I am seriously thinking about voting for him. At least I won't feel dirty afterwards like I would if I cast my vote for Hackett.

pj the wb lefty said...

Thanks to KAR for clearing that up. I will always identify myself as 'the lefty' and it's definitely how I roll.
'Plain' pj sounds like he's in the 10th.
Vic is dead on...Carney definitely was Pelosi's lap dog on that vote. Just rolled over for her. I am surpridsed he didn't try to insert language in the bill that would have legalized marijuana in the bill for her as an extra treat because he was trying to be such a 'good boy'.
Meanwhile Hackett keeps on trying to run his primary campaign in a general.

Anonymous said...

Carney is to the Dems what Specter is to the Republicans. Carney is a DINO...

ya ba da ba dooo

Anonymous said...

The new ads attacking hackett on his zoe baird problem will not help. he should just try to get a losing District attorney to throw mud. Ow that's right, Carney has not Suzie problem. Once agian the Club for Growth is backing an almost winner. This district goes to Carney and because of the COG they will have it for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Billy- How could not like a guy who

1. doesn't pay his taxes until he runs for office
2. runs a temp agency replacing good jobs with illegal aliens as he has admitted.
3. Attacks a person for hiring illegal aliens 13 years before and then admits to having one in his home and hiring some for his company.
4. hires a true conservative like Maderia to cover his ass with the pro life people because he was pro choice before and then tells a certain senator that he fired him.
5. Pays his illegal alien maid for 2 years and doesn't know her last name
6. Does not pay taxes on his illegal alien and he is an accountant (I thought they had to know something about taxes).
7. Rumor has it that he had a girlfriend in Wyoming County
8. Never voted in the 10th district- he was registered in the 11th
9. Was Vice Chair of the wilkes barre chamber of commerce and help led the chamber from a 5 million dollar surplus to a 10 million dollar deficit with the theater project.
10. Against earmarks but gives $5,000 to Dem Skrep and gets a $770,000 no bid contract.

What is not to like

Anonymous said...

Scott- if you think Carney's fines are bad you should see the complaints against hackett. $4,000 is nothing compared to what Hackett is going to have to pay.