Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who's lying?

"Tell him to stop lying about my record." -Bob Dole to GWH Bush in 1988.

In every campaign both sides accuse the other of lying about their candidate. It's no different this year.

The Daily Item put this question to both 10th CD camps:

What is your opponent saying about you that is untrue?

Chris Hackett

“Chris Carney makes false claims about me just about every day. There are too many items to count. Probably the most inaccurate claim is that my opposition to Washington’s wasteful pork spending system will somehow short-change our district.

“In fact, the opposite is true.

“By stopping the corrupt earmark system, we will save the taxpayers of our district from having to pay for a Mule Museum in California, a Lobster Institute in Maine and thousands of other wasteful projects all across the country that Chris Carney has supported because of his allegiance to the pork spending system.”

Chris Carney

“Chris Hackett has rapidly developed the well-deserved reputation for being an overly negative, typical politician who distorts the facts and misleads voters at every turn. We saw this in the extremely vicious personal attacks that he launched during his primary campaign and we continue to see it in the general election. What is even worse is that Hackett always says one thing and does another as if the rules simply do not apply to him — including not paying his taxes, hiring illegal immigrants and running TV ads with completely false statements about the congressman. Whether it is taxes, immigration or Congressman Carney’s record, Hackett just doesn’t seem to be able to tell the truth about anything."

“Voting record: The truth is that Chris Carney has a voting record that reflects the 10th District. Carney has broken with his party many times, and his voting record is recognized as the center of Congress by the nonpartisan National Journal magazine. National Journal rated Congressman Carney 217 out of 435 members of Congress — the exact middle of Congress.

“Carney has been attacked by the far left and the far right for voting with his district. He broke with his party to vote against adjournment when there was so much work to be done, and just this week he voted with 151 Republicans to support the Childers Amendment and ensure the rights of gun owners. Carney is a fiscal conservative and a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, which promotes pay-as-you-go policies that will bring down our national debt.

“Taxes: The truth is, Carney has fought for middle-class tax cuts, and across-the-board tax cuts for small businesses and veterans. He introduced Made in America tax cuts for manufacturers and businesses aimed at keeping and creating jobs right here in America. Hackett called the bill a campaign gimmick instead of acknowledging the bill’s bipartisan support and the need for Congress to do everything in its power to stimulate and strengthen our economy. Carney also introduced the Caregiver Tax Credit — which allows families to better take care of aging relatives; tax cuts for veterans and military families, and has voted for tax cuts for small businesses and the middle class including a fix for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The only taxes Chris Hackett wants to cut are those for millionaires — like the ones he pays.”

"Debates: Given the lies about the issues, its no surprise that Hackett would lie about the campaign and debates scheduled. Hackett is running false advertisements on debates— when he knows a debate has been scheduled for months. It’s scheduled for October 30th on WVIA.”


NEPAExpat said...

The winner of this contest, by a landslide, is the man who promises to hold those responsible for causing the mortgage meltdown. The winner will be the man who stands up for the working men and women in the district who see their credit dry up due to illegal fraud in the system.

No one really cares to punish success. People do, on the other hand, get rather angry at those that are complicit in the behavior to put them as taxpayers on the hook for paying off bad mortgages. People tend to be angry about seeing their tax dollars given to banks that had no business giving anyone with a pulse in Arizona or California a $500,000 mortgage with no oversight.

Regulation IS NOT the problem...Having intellectually deficient graduates from Liberty and Regent enforcing the law is. We don't need more laws. We need people who can do more than fog a mirror responsible for upholding the law.

kar said...

In any situation involving Chris Hackett and the truth, the truth usually takes a beating.


Coal Region Voice said...

"It's not a lie if you believe it." - George Costanza American Slacker

Anonymous said...

Wyoming County Republican says ;

I am glad the world is finally seeing the real Chris Hackett.. He will say anything to anyone to get what he wants. Hackett is a fraud and a phoney.. He deserves to lose the race. It would be a huge mistake to send this dishonest novice to Washington