Saturday, September 13, 2008

YouTube weekend

The Hazleton immigration ordinance is back in the news which reminded me of this Cheech & Chong diddy.

Mexican Americans love education so they go to night school and take Spanish and get a B...

Mexican Americans & Beaners

Remember when people liked Mexicans?

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Anonymous said...

Although you don't say it you imply that Hazletonians don't like Mexicans. If that was the implication that statement is absolutely, positively untrue. It is also untrue of the entire Hispanic community.

In Hazleton there is a violent gang element that moved in because no one owned the drug business. It was like virgin territory to the gangs, a free franchise. Now, don't get me wrong there is a drug element among the caucasians in Hazleton but not as violent. Hazleton has identified over 300 gang members from the B & B, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

At first it was thought that the gangs were local wannabies with no New York ties. But that assumption quickly was extinguished when the individuals were identified.

I don't know anyone who likes gangs. In this case they happen to be mostly Hispanic(Dominican, Hatian, and yes Mexican) but Romanians have been identified as well.

Police Detective Christopher Orozcoidentified gangs active in Hazleton, including Crips, Bloods, MS-13, East Side, the Latin Kings and Trinitarios, which seems to be absorbing members from Dominicans Don’t Play.

The graffiti in Hazleton has been identified by national gang experts as almost exclusively from gangs. Most probably don't remember the $31 million cocaine ring rounded up in Sept. 2007.

Most of these gang members are here illegally. No they didn't come across the Mexican/American border. They came through New York, New Jersey, Ohio. Security is not just about our border. It is about shipping ports, airports, trucking, etc.

The media has biased the reporting on Hispanics in Hazleton but surreptitously left out the other ethnicities that are gangs as well. Romanians are not Hispanic but they are just as ruthless. I believe the media reports on the Hispanics because there are persons among them who want to be "political."

People should think out of the box when they look at Hazleton's illegal immigration problem. I bet most of you believe that the Hispanics left town after the ordinance. I see that statement all over the net. If that is true then how do explain the constant increase in enrollment in the Hazleton Area School District?

Hazleton is about the receive 1500 more jobs. With the next influx will come more criminals(take notice I did not say Hispanic because it is more than that). Hazleton does not have the financial resources to combat those elements.

It is the reason Lou Barletta became so popular. Americans all across the nation are seeing the same growth problems in their towns. Illegal immigration may not be at the forefront of this election but I guarantee you it is definitely on the minds of most Americans today.

Scranton has the same problems but its mayor will not let the police talk about it. Ask the police there what they are seeing when they go on their calls?

I don't look at the color of skin. I look at what they are doing. I graduated from a school in Philadelphia. I see the oh so familiar drug lookouts to call out police presence that I saw in Philadelpha. I see the cars pull up, the deal made, and the driveaway. And the cars are not what mom and pop drive- Lexus, Beemers, Hummers, Infintis, etc. all pimped out. As I said I don't see color I see gang criminals.